Refugees on international tour music 25 years after the release of ‘The Score’

Because hip hop fans get ready The Fugees Hitting the street!

Legendary New Jersey Group released their groundbreaking and classic album 25 years later Accounts, They are reconvening in celebration. Tickets for the tour, which will hit U.S. cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC, go on sale on the Live Nation website from 10 a.m. Friday (September 2).

Abroad, The Fuse will touch Paris, London, Nigeria and Ghana. Presented by Diaspora Calling and produced by Live Nation, the group will work on a philanthropic initiative with Global Citizen.

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“Fuji has a complex but influential history. I didn’t know it was the 25th anniversary until someone brought it to my attention, “said Fugis. Lorraine Hill In a press release. “I have decided to honor this important project, its anniversary and the fans who create a peaceful platform where we can come together, serve the music of our choice and set an example of reunion for the world.”

“When I celebrated 25 years with the Fujis, my first memory was that we swore from the gate, we would not just sing, we would be a movement.” Wyclef Jean. “We will be a voice for non-hearing people, and in this challenging time, I am grateful again, God has united us.”

Accounts One of the best-selling and most notable music albums to date. Since its release, Billboard has reached number one on the 200 charts and the group has won two Grammy Awards. Fugees was the first hip hop group to be nominated for the Album of the Year, and this nomination marked the second only rap album to be nominated for top acclaim at the time.

See the full tour schedule below.

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