Ref Watch: David de Gea ‘Victim of Instinct’ at Old Trafford, Amy Martinez Mind Games and ‘Lucky’ Ben White. Football news

In the latest edition of Ref Watch, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher rules over the big events of the weekend, including the controversial Aston Villar Man Utd winner, Amy Martinez’s Antix and the North London Derby Flashpoint.

Man UTD 0-1 Aston Villa

Event: Courtney House snatched the win for Villa with a late header but Ole Gunnar Solskire claimed that David de Gea was blocked by offside striker Oli Watkins. What should the goal stand for?

Veridic of Dermot: “There’s no defender in the post, so Watkins is in the offside position. It’s not his fault here but will he stop the goalkeeper? If that ball comes, the assistant [on the opposite side] Say, ‘hundred percent’. He will tell Mike Dean that Watkins is consistent with the goalkeeper and will say, ‘I need you from your angle to tell me what time he is in front of the goalkeeper’. At that point, yes [he’s impeding De Gea].

“It was an important moment and scene for Mike Dean,” says Dermot Gallagher

“But it’s very interesting in terms of what Dean sees and what De Gea does. I think De Gea becomes a victim of his own instincts in some way. Ways and space make a bit.

“When the ball is headed, Mike Dean knows he’s not in De Gea’s vision. Dean used his assistant’s information to make decisions from his position and I fully understand why the goal was given.”

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Was Aston Villa’s Oli Watkins in the offside position preventing David de Gea from winning the Courtney House against Man Utd?

What was the difference between this incident and Harvey Burns of Leicester, who was last selected to block the Brighton goalkeeper?

“First [disallowed goal], Burns directly into the goalkeeper’s gaze, and I think for the second time, he made a movement towards the ball, which affected the goalkeeper. That’s why I think they’re a bit different. “

Event: Shortly after scoring the winning goal, the House blocked the header of Manchester United substitute Edinson Cavani with his hand in extra time and VAR backed the decision on the field. Was it a penalty?

Veridic of Dermot: “He puts his arm out; the ball doesn’t come too far because it comes from Cavani but his arm stops the ball. Manchester United were on the other end last week. [Luke Shaw against West Ham] So the officers are consistent. Mike Dean saw the arm away from the body and that’s a key issue. I can’t imagine for a second that he wanted to do it but this season the rules are working that way. “

Event: Harry Maguire pushed John McGinn – why wasn’t it considered the ‘last man’ challenge?

Veridic of Dermot: “There are a lot of reasons. First, McGinn takes the ball a long way in front of him, so he’s not in possession of the ball. And there’s a covering defender. It’s a potential opportunity rather than an obvious one.”

Event: Should Maguire himself have been penalized after a feud with Izri Cons?

Veridic of Dermot: “They’re both in contact with each other. Maguire has also caught Kansa and I think he’s going down very easily.”

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Event: Amy Martinez launched Mind Games at Old Trafford, saw Cristiano Ronaldo take a spot-kick before Bruno Fernandez stepped up – and missed the spectacle. Did the villain keeper cross a line?

Veridic of Dermot: “He’s trying his best to delay the kicker because I think the longer you delay him, the more pressure you’ll put on him. We’ve seen some trend now when goalkeepers try to delay something; It can look different. “

Arsenal-1-1 Tottenham

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Event: Although Tottenham were trailing 3-0, Ben White dropped Harry Kane when referee Craig Pavson withdrew his appeal for a penalty, with replays showing that contact was made in the area.

Veridic of Dermot: “I think White is lucky. He doesn’t get the ball. Why get there so fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a penalty. It’s in a tough position because if the referee had given a penalty, I don’t think he would have gone against it. This is not the right science. [of subjectivity] And it fell into this. “

Event: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored Arsenal’s second goal but did Granit Jhaka foul Tangui Ndombele in the build-up?

Veridic of Dermot: “I didn’t think so; I thought he was defending the ball. VAR would have had to step back a lot if he could have intervened – there’s a lot of play in that – but I don’t think it was bad in any way.”

Everton 2-0 Norwich

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Event: Alan was awarded a penalty by VAR for a foul on Ozan Kabak.

Veridic of Dermot: “I think it’s a really good intervention by VAR. Kabak swings the ball and misses it. Alan’s body protects from the referee’s sight. He gives a free-kick, I don’t know, but it’s definitely a penalty.”

Leeds 1-2 West Ham

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Event: Thomas Sosek was seen approving his Leveler when he saw a foul by Michael Antonio in the IAR Messier in the VAR build-up, although the Hammers claimed three points. Was the yellow card enough for Antonio?

Ref Watch Grab
This saw Michael Antonio score a goal through West Ham VAR after the challenge

Veridic of Dermot: “Okay, of course it’s a foul – no doubt about it. He raises his hand and catches it [Meslier] In the face. I don’t think Antonio wanted to do it, but he caught it – it’s a foul. They go to VAR and you will see how the process works, because it was given as a goal before VAR. Second, it’s a flexible arm, so it’s a yellow card – it’s reckless. It’s not used as a weapon for damage, so it’s not a red card for me. “

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