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His Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli met years ago at the BiggerPockets Forum, where they gave birth to a friendship that turned into a business, a community and a popular podcast with 175 episodes and counts. With two weekly episodes, Liz and Andresa Give real estate investors the ability to live a balanced, financially free life.

Their interview sheds light on women investors while providing useful strategies and tips for investing, business strategies and self-care. BiggerPockets is thrilled to bring this show to our viewers as part of our network. For recent episodes, and detailed show notes and more information about show guests, be sure to follow Real Estate Invest Her Show. Real Estate InvestHER Community Site.

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Liz Faircloth

Andresa Guidley 039

Liz Faircloth co-founded the DeRosa Group in 2005 with her husband, Matt. The Derosa Group, based in Trenton, NJ, owns commercial and residential properties that aim to “transform life through real estate.” DeRosa controls $ 60 million of residential and commercial assets above and below the east coast.

Lease the Real Estate Investhar: Co-founder of the community, a platform for women to live a financially free and balanced life on their own terms through more than over 100 meetups in the United States and Canada, and an online community and membership that offers women accountability to take their business to the next level. And advice!

He is its co-organizer Real Estate InvestHER Show And (including Andresa) recently published the first book by Investhare, The only woman in the room – the knowledge and inspiration of 20 successful real estate female investors.

Personally, Liz is an avid runner, has completed several triathlons and marathons, has two adorable children and is a New York Mets fan.

Liz was a two-time guest on BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast: BiggerPockets Podcast 088: Investing with your spouse, financial management, and expanding your team with Matt and Liz Faircloth and BiggerPockets Podcast 203: Finding Contracts, Financing, Contractors and Consultants .

Andresa Guidelli

Andresa Guidley 035

Andresa Guidelli is a skilled developer and resource manager with extensive experience in complete gut renovation projects, new construction and commercial development. He owns a rental portfolio consisting of both long and short term rents. He “goes to the person” when it comes to implementing processes that allow scalability.

Andresa is the co-founder and CEO of The Real Estate Investor Community, co-host Real Estate InvestHER Show And the recently published InvestHER’s first book.

Born and raised in Brazil, Andresa has an adorable son named Lorenzo, and Salsa loves to dance.

You can find her presence in BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast: BiggerPockets Podcast 314: How to Find Rockstar Contractors and Manage as a Boss with Andresa Guidelli.

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