Rats escape from sedition ship as envoy Mo Brooks denies Trump coup plot

Representative Moe Brooks (R-AL), who addressed the 1/6 rally and is suing Republican Eric Swalwell (D-CA), denied Trump’s coup plan.

Moe Brooks says he is unaware of the involvement of his staff in Trump’s coup plan.

Brooks Montgomery said after naming the advertiser by the 1/6 rally organizer and planner, “If you’re talking about meeting attendance, setting the agenda, raising money, I don’t know anything that would suggest to my staff. Doing those things. “

Brooks has already thrown Trump under the bus and blamed him for the 1/6 attack.

Republican Brooks is trying to defend himself in the Republican Swallow case, claiming that he is just obeying orders, that 1/6 of the attacks were all Trump’s job, and that the only reason he spoke at the rally was because he felt he had ordered so by Trump.

Moe Brooks is leaving Trump’s sedition ship and trying to save himself.

For months, Representative Brooks has been floating on various excuses to save his own lurking. With the investigation coming out in more and more detail about the detailed coup plot, Brooks will not be the only Republican running for cover.

Denial and excuses are going to come fast. Republicans are going to deny having anything to do with the coup, but the 1/6 committee is collecting phone records and documents. They will be able to uncover the type of communication between House Republicans.

Trump is unveiling the coup, and House Republicans are running out of hiding.

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