Ranking of GW 6 to 5 best players in League 1

With six match days behind us, League 1 has started projecting familiar patterns. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who lost to Lily in the title race last year, have emerged as strong favorites. The defending champions have lost their grip and don’t seem to have enough firepower to climb to the top. Marseille, Lens, Lyon and Monaco are trying their best, but not as consistent as they need to be.

The sixth Gameweek of the 2021-22 League One campaign pitted PSG against Lyon. The match ended 2-1 for the host PSG, extending their 100% winning record this season.

Other games were not high profile, but there were some exceptional personal performances that should be noted. Today, we will take a look at the top five performers in Gameweek Six and tell you who were the brightest in League One in France last weekend.

# 5 Lionel Messi – PSG

Club Brugge KV v Paris Saint-Germain: Group A - UEFA Champions League
Club Brugge KV v Paris Saint-Germain: Group A – UEFA Champions League

Since moving away from Barcelona this summer, it has been difficult to settle in the PSG, the top scorer in Spanish football history. Lionel Messi has yet to register a goal or assist in his three matches for the League One giants, which is unusual for a six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

On Sunday, however, the 34-year-old looked a lot like his former relative, making life difficult for Leon by joining his new teammates. He did particularly well with Kylian Mbappe and was a threat around the opposition box.

Has played three games and is still waiting for Messi’s first goal for PSG

Messi pulled the trigger four times during the match. Two attempts were aimed while another stopped woodworking. Messi lost his way to Ashraf Hakimi in the 10th minute. Argentina were not particularly happy with the replacement, as he apparently expected to finish his second League One match.

# 4 Habib Diallo – Strasbourg

Habib Diallo's goal against the former club
Habib Diallo’s goal against the former club

League One club Strasbourg has endured a tough start to the 2021-22 campaign. They lost to Angers, PSG and Lyon, conceding a total of nine goals in three fixtures. On Saturday, however, they came out with new intentions and left with the highest points against Metz.

The team’s coveted center-forward Habib Diallo was the star of the event, scoring two goals against former club Metz to secure Strasburg’s highest points. In the 2nd minute, Diallo hit first when Giarzino Niamasi’s ball found him inside the box. His right-footed shot didn’t give the Metz keeper a chance.

Diallo scored his second goal in a similar fashion, only this time, he slotted Ludovic Ajorque’s assist in the bottom right corner. His League One brass has sealed the victory for Strasbourg, who are now 12th in the standings with seven points.

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