Rams Wide receiver Cooper Coupe can dine at Buccaneers Defense

Cooper coup

Cooper coup
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The LA Rams Wide Receiver Cooper Coupe has quietly become one of the NFL’s most enduring pass-catchers over the past few years. This season he’s already third in terms of getting yards with 271, and he’s first at the reception with 16 through two games. Now Coop is catching a pass from a real gunman at Matthew Stafford, so it would be shocking if Coop didn’t make 90 receptions for the third year in a row.

The coupe isn’t burning very fast, creating a 4.62 40-yard dash before being drafted by Rams in Round 3 of the 2017 draft. He knows how to open his mouth against defenders without being the fastest person on the field. Often, the faces of the Copperback coupe are going to be faster than that. Variability and Good route Coupe Beats defenders.

The best slot receiver in the league deserves a big part of the credit for the evolution of head coach Sean McWay Coupe. McVeigh’s defense looks different and even keeps his offense fresh by stealing From other teams. McVeigh, often referred to as the offensive guru, continues to reap the benefits of the coupe.

The Sunday Rams will play Tampa Bay on Sunday, so we’ll see how the Coupe Books fare against the Championship Defense. Tampa has dropped several points (54) in the first two weeks of the season, but could get a stop when needed. Coupe should have a chance against the Buccaneers as they leave the third-highest passing yard at 684 this season.

Both the Rams and the Boxes come in 2-0, and even with the Rams’ strong defense, the game could turn into a shootout between Stafford and Tom Brady. If so, you will hear the name of the coupe many times in this game. That could be a repeat of last season’s 27-24 win over the Bucks, where Cooper had 11 receptions for 145 yards. Now there’s that coupe Stafford throws the ball at him, Maybe he will go down against Tampa in the last region this time. We also see a potential play-off matchup here, as many experts have made these teams winners in their respective divisions.

Coop is making a name for himself and looks set to be among the league’s top for the next few years. Coupe, who is not the fastest player, has not yet been shown to be a barrier Most teams have fought to slow him down. Its size makes him such a discrepancy inside the slot position. At 6 feet-2 and about 200 pounds, the coupe is bigger than your average slot receiver. Many slot receivers are 6 feet long and much faster than coupes. None of this matters, as Coop is enjoying a great start to his career. You might not think Coop is the “true” No. 1 receiver, but if he continues to produce at this rate, no one can deny him going forward.

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