R29’s shopping team reviews Everlane’s 90s Cheeky Jean

Tester: Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty and Wellness Market Writer

What I’m looking for in jeans: “Since I am short, I am always looking for a crop or ankle length. Any value will probably be too long for me. I shop for much more exclusively high-raised styles because I find them more flattering. I don’t like terribly when stretching, but I definitely want them to be comfortable! I also want my jeans to last me a long time, so I don’t buy anything that feels too thin and jogging.

First Impressions: “My first impression was that the fit wasn’t bad, of course true for the size! I’ve been struggling to find jeans that haven’t tucked into my ankles since I was 5’2. Denim looks moderately tight, but not too tight so I can sit comfortably. Also, I’m sure they’ll soften somewhat over time. I’ve got an ankle length and, TBH, they were still longer than I expected! They ended up hitting me to my feet; But I’m not crazy about it. I also like high rise, and the pale blue wash was perfect.

Price: “While I’ve read some designer jeans from Rag & Bone and Frame that I’m totally obsessed with, my typical denim sweet spot is about $ 100. I have a few pairs of my favorite Madwell jeans and a few of Everlane’s, really! For the quality and clarity behind the product, I think $ 88 is a fairly reasonable price for people like me who are accustomed to buying more premium (i.e. not fast fashion) denim.

“Check” factor: “Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think these made a ton for Tish. That did not happen No. Make my ass beautiful but, again, there was some loose fabric around the thigh area that probably disguised my booty a bit. I also took care that the fit was in the waist area so you could still see some of the cake.

How do I style these jeans: “My style is pretty basic, so these would be perfect for a fall paired with a simple white tee or graphic tee (my choice from in-and-outs and Tabasco) layered underneath the leather jacket!”

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