Qatar welcomes ILO report despite admitted information gap News of labor rights

According to a new report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), an analysis of the deaths of migrant workers in Qatar has revealed differences between the county’s data collection gaps and work-related events.

The ILO said on Friday that it had collaborated with Qatari agencies to integrate an in-depth analysis of work-related injuries and deaths in 2020, but had identified flaws in the way events were identified.

“As a result, it is not yet possible to present precise statistics on the number of serious occupational injuries in the country,” the report said, calling for improvements in the way statistics are collected and conducted.

Last year, at least 50 workers were killed, more than 500 seriously injured and about 37,600 suffered mild to moderate injuries in Qatar, the ILO report, One is to Money (PDF), said.

According to the ILO, most of the victims of occupational injuries came from Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

“Falling from heights and road traffic accidents were the main cause of serious injuries, then things falling into the workplace,” it added.

‘More needs to be done’

The working conditions of migrant workers in Qatar have been discussed since the Gulf state hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup in 2010.

In a statement later Friday, Qatar’s labor ministry welcomed the ILO’s report and said it was reviewing its recommendations.

“No other country has come so far in labor reform in such a short time, but we acknowledge that more needs to be done,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that Qatar would continue to work with the ILO to ensure changes. “Effectively implemented”.

“As Qatar has consistently said and the ILO report confirms, the figures published in the media on the deaths of migrant workers are extremely misleading. The government was transparent about the health of our foreign population, and in reality, the death rate in Qatar is equal to that of the world’s largest population. However, improving the health and well-being of foreign workers remains a top priority, ”said a statement from the Ministry of Labor.

The report does point to a “significant reduction in occupational injury rates” over time, demonstrating the success of our strong labor reform legislation and the way we implement it. Thanks in large part to the heat pressure law, “the ministry added.

In August, London-based watchdog Amnesty International accused Qatari authorities of failing to investigate the deaths of migrant workers, “despite evidence of a link between premature deaths and unsafe working conditions.”

It states that “Qatar routinely issues death certificates without adequate investigation for migrant workers, instead blaming deaths for ‘natural causes’ or vaguely defined cardiac failure.”

Qatar’s official communications office at the time rejected Amnesty’s results, saying in a statement that the country’s “injury and death statistics were in line with international best practice and set new standards for the region.”

In its report, the ILO called for a review of the approach taken to investigate the deaths of seemingly healthy young workers from “natural causes”, to be able to determine whether they were actually work-related and to ensure more accurate identification. Because “.

It will ensure that workers and their families receive adequate compensation for occupational injuries.

The agency called for the establishment of a national integrated platform that compiles timely and reliable occupational injury data.

Max Tunnon, head of Qatar’s ILO project office, said: “The transparency shown in the review of the data collection and analysis process has allowed us to present a set of specific recommendations that could serve as a road map for action.”

“We must move urgently, because behind every statistic is a worker and their family.”

Qatar’s Ministry of Labor added that it would “continue to work constructively with various labor experts and practitioners – including the ILO, trade unions and international NGOs – to build on the progress that has been made.”

“Labor reform is a complex task, and Qatar believes that the best solution is through dialogue and engagement,” the ministry said in a statement.

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