Punitive action has been taken against the picture

Louisville, Kai. – An Eastern Kentucky school district superintendent says “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken” after photos surfaced where students were dancing on staff laps Tuesday as part of a high school repatriation week.

Sandra Combs, superintendent of the Hazard Independent School, did not mention who was punished.

“Since this is a staffing matter, we are not authorized to disclose any further information on specific disciplines,” the statement said.

Combs said the students were behind a repatriation ceremony that included a “man pageant” and pictures of students dancing on their laps in their underwear were shared on social media.

Background:Kentucky High School staff members receive lap dance from students, photos show

The photos were first posted on the “Hazard High School Athletics” Facebook page, but that post was later deleted. Among them was a picture of a student dancing on the lap of high school principal Donald “Happy” Mobellini, who is also the mayor of Perry County. The screenshots continue to be promoted on social media.

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