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With Covid-1 With still sick and people dying Although effective vaccines have been widely available since the spring, it is disappointing to see vaccination rates. Slowly rise to the top Massive resistance against head-winds. It is even more frustrating that so much of this resistance can be attributed to self-inflicted wounds on the part of public health experts and government officials. By effectively dismissing their own credibility since the onset of the epidemic, the powers that be are that the majority of the population does not believe their words.

“Why aren’t millions of eligible Americans fully vaccinated against Covid-1?” Economist And YouGov A recent survey asked. “Most people who haven’t started the vaccination process say it’s a matter of faith.”

“Americans who are convinced that they will not receive the vaccine, in particular, will say that their lack of confidence in the government is the main reason for their rejection of the vaccine,” the second cause for concern about vaccines, side effects.

Critics will recall these results as unfounded concerns of low-data counterfeit-draggers, who need to be persuaded and persuaded. But, while such a dismissal can provide a warm and vague feeling, it does not explain why health professionals Also Has lost faith in public health officials.

“Confidence in the CDC and FDA has declined dramatically during the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic among healthcare professionals,” WebMD / Medscape Mentioned in June. Of the nearly 2,000 U.S. nurses surveyed on Medscape (WebMD’s sister site for healthcare professionals) between May 25 and June, 77% said their confidence in the CDC had declined since the epidemic began, and 51% said their confidence in the FDA had declined. . Similarly, 77% of the approximately 450 U.S. physicians surveyed at the same time said they had lost confidence in the CDC and 48% said they had lost confidence in the FDA. “

Respondents to the WebMD / Medscape survey cited concerns about politics influencing public health decisions, as well as conflicting messages about masks, vaccines, and proper behavior to avoid infection. Last year when public health officials showed these two concerns Protests range from condemning anti-lockdown protests Against police brutality and racial injustice

Is the protest dangerous? What experts say depends on who is protesting, ” New York Times The title of an article about whiplash-induced change in sending messages about potential health risks to the public.

“I certainly condemned the anti-lockdown protest, and I’m not condemning the protest now, and I’m fighting it,” said Catherine Troisi, an epidemiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Bar. “I’m having a hard time explaining exactly why.”

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said, “Protesting one day when a nail salon is opening, and coming out in a peaceful protest is another way that was killed right before our eyes.” Huffed at an open claim Any protest he agrees to is acceptable.

To a large number of Americans, it is clear that many public health providers base their declarations not on science but on their personal bias. Those who seek genuine medical guidance, or who enjoy different values, may feel perfectly justified by ignoring public health officials who express themselves as a different class of worker.

Hypocrisy also plays a powerful role in undermining confidence in government. Last month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed was caught Having a nightclub party, In his protest Own order.

“No, I’m not going to sip and put on my mask, sip and put on my mask, sip and put on my mask, eat and put on my mask. When I’m eating, and I’m drinking, I’m going to put off my mask, “Family One told a reporter. He also kept his mask off while dancing, which he said he was “not thinking about the mask, I was thinking about having a good time.” It was a feeling that many regular people have no doubt about, but they could be fined if they get caught acting in it.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bauer Also Exempt yourself from the rules when it was convenient.

“Despite the mayor’s order, the wedding reception was attended by hundreds of masked guests, served by dozens of relatively few staff members, including a clearly masked Bauer.” Washington Examiner Note At the end of July.

Breed and Bowser are rarely alone, since Epidemic rules have only been applied to a small number of people And Those who make them ignore them And their friends. It is difficult to imagine a more effective way to degrade the official position with the general public.

“Even if organizations manage to reverse their mistakes, this self-destructive behavior will have serious long-term consequences,” Zayed Jilani said. Observed last week For Persuasion Presumably in the wake of recent own goals made by reliable experts. “If organizations continue to undermine their own credibility, people may begin to turn to less reliable sources of information.”

Jilani also did not address the ongoing disruption of the epidemic-era direction, but instead focused on politics in museums, think tanks, and universities. The effect is the same, though: abandoning objectivity and replacing ideological choices for consistent values ​​damages trust. It took a long time for experts and officials to create whatever position they had with the public; Many of them feel it has been burned as soon as possible.

The ultimate consequence of destroyed credibility, as we have seen, is resistance to vaccination against Covid-1 for in some segments of the population, citing faith as the cause of that hesitation. In fact, millions of Americans simply distrust those who tell them that vaccines to reduce the risk of the disease have turned to safe and effective and alternative sources that echo the public’s hatred of power যে which is medical information even when doing bad things. Yes, anti-waxers are a bad choice, but self-destructive experts are paying close attention.

Officials are fair to complain about the dilemma of the vaccine among the general public. But, when they are looking for someone to blame for the public’s resistance to medical advice, they should look in the mirror.

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