Psyche blames Trump for Biden Admin’s cowardly problem

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said the Biden administration could have done better in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic without former President Donald Trump.

Psyche made his remarks during a briefing at the Daily White House.

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Psaki: ‘If the former president had really solved the epidemic, we would have made progress’

When a reporter commented in the media and was asked by some foreign officials if Biden was “like Trump” in key policy areas, the “unity of the president” press secretary did not hesitate to cast a shadow over Psyche Trump.

“Because we’re in the middle of an epidemic, the way the former president actually addressed the epidemic and didn’t advise people to bleach injections, we would have made progress,” Saki said, lying about a false claim.

“So I think we’re somewhere else,” he concluded. “I am happy to discuss more examples. I think it would be hard for people to argue that the president took any aspect of the former president’s playbook and used it as his own model.

Psaki rejects harmony

Before trying to blame Trump, Psyche described what he thought was the real difference between Biden and Trump’s policy.

Psyche was asked why Biden pursued a Trump-like policy, such as Title2, and ended the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, a long-standing goal of his predecessor.

“Then, look. I can take every one of them – in Afghanistan, the former president made a deal without the Afghan government that we heard from the military yesterday, which left the Afghan security forces and the Afghan government frustrated, “Saki said.

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“Where he also released 5,000 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan,” the press secretary added.

Psyche said the way Biden fought was different from what Trump did.

“I would say that the president took a very different approach to ending the war than the former president did – something that the American people strongly support,” Psyche said.

“The priority of getting out of the war in Afghanistan leaves us more time to spend,” he added.

In headline On2, which forced border patrols to expel most immigrants from the United States due to the epidemic, Psyche told reporters, “Headline is2 is a public health necessity.”

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