PSG vs Arabic Leipzig Live Score, Updates, Highlights from UEFA Champions League Group Stage

Lionel Messi’s PSG have faced a dangerous Arab Leipzig who are on the ground to point up in the middle of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The Paris team is unbeaten and sits in first place after the first two matches, but Leipzig is down and desperate to get the first point.

PSG have lost just one of their last 12 matches in all their competitions, and so a win at Park des Princess would be a tough offer for Leipzig. The good news for the German team coached by American Jesse Marsh is that Neymar (adductor), Angel Di Maria (suspension), Mauro Icardo (coach’s decision) and Leandro Paredes (quad) will all be dropped for PSG.

Another American, midfielder Tyler Adams is expected to take part in the match after taking a break over the weekend. The star of the first two months of the season is Leipzig star Christopher Nakanku, a former PSG academy product, who scored a hat-trick against Manchester City in the opening match of the group stage. He is hot with nine goals in 11 matches across all competitions.

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These two teams have some recent history between them: this is the third consecutive Champions League tournament where they will face off. Each team won their home match in the group stage of the last edition, while PSG topped the semi-finals of the 2020 Champions League.

The Sporting News event will follow live and provide score updates, commentary and highlights as they happen.

PSG vs Arabic Leipzig live score

1 h 2 h Final
Arabic Leipzig D D

PSG – Kylian Mbappe – Ninth minute.
LEI – Andre Silva (Angelino) – 28th minute.
He – Nordy Mukile (Angelino) – 57th minute.

(Always before)

57th minute: Leipzig leads! Another ball to the left near Angelino, and another beautiful cross in the far post, where Nordy Muciel put it at home for the first time. Very similar to the first goal.

56th minute: A rare spell of pressure from PSG and first Marco Verratti, then Lionel Messi trying to break through, but Leipzig holds on tight.

52nd minute: Dangerous Leipzig attack. Limerick with a cross on the right and it moves across the box closer to the connection with a teammate.

50th minute: What a great. Shortly after the yellow pick, Idrisa Gue with another hard foul in midfield. That could be a second yellow, and Gueye gets off easily.

48th minute: Idrisa Guy’s yellow card for a foul on Andre Silva just outside the box. Nkunku tries to curl it on the wall, but it’s high.

46th minute: The second half is underway. There is no change.

Half time: PSG 1, Arabic Leipzig 1

Half time: It’s this year’s typical PSG performance: they have moments of pure brilliance, but they’re not strong enough to tickle the game’s throat. Killian Mbappe is the best player on the field and he scored a landmark goal in a single, but PSG cannot create regular attacks and dangers. This is not the case with the Arabic Leipzig, which manages to turn the ball around and then has a clear idea and movement of attack. This PSG defense can be exposed. All will have to play in the second half. While we wait, enjoy this step of MBAP skill.

42nd minute: Come to Nkunku! During the quick change, he shows his skill at the top of the box and widens the right foot shot just right with a defender in his mouth. She has been dangerous.

41st minute: Leipzig’s Willie Urban’s great defensive play who pushed the ball into the box from Mbappe. Nothing comes from the PSG corner.

36th minute: Leipzig is succeeding in forcing a turnover in midfield with his press. As long as they can hold Mbopp, it doesn’t look like the other PSG players are ready to pose any danger.

28th minute: And there is an equalizer! Leipzig carved the back line of the PSG, switched the attacking spot to the left and Angelino made a great cross to the far post where Andre Silva scored the first goal.

27th minute: Hit the Leipzig post! Andre Silva had excellent control and beat the shot and killer Navas in the box. The ball goes to the beginning of the right post. PSG is now feeling passive and taking advantage of Leipzig.

25th minute: Free kicks for Leipzig in the box and PSG captain Marquinhos need to clear the bar! It was dangerous. PSG also clears corner kicks.

23rd minute: PSG is feeling relieved after taking the lead. Mbappe and Messi try to put Leipzig in the box, but Leipzig’s goalkeeper comes out to snatch it.

19th minute: Willie Urban picked up the yellow to put the block on Mbappe before he sprinted again. I learned his lesson for the first time.

Ninth minute: Mbappe! PSG is ahead 1-0. He ran alone into the last defender Urban and fired a low-shot behind the ‘keeper’. He is irresistible.

8th minute: Both teams pushed from the beginning. Navas has to go down to stop a cross from the right.

7th minute: Julian Draxler stretches to meet a cross in the box and puts the ball in the net around his re ire instruction.

3rd minute: What an opportunity for Arabic Leipzig! Christopher Nankunku was undecided and served the ball late to teammate Conrad Lymer in the box. His shot was saved by Keller Navas. In the next corner, Tyler Adams’s header is off target.

1st minute: Kylian Mbappe can just catch the Arabic Leipzig with a run to the left. Goes across his cross box from the left. His teammates could not catch him.

1st minute: We’re off. PSG started.

3:00 pm ET: View of Park des Princess:

2:57 pm ET: The teams are ready for the tunnel to take the field.

2:38 pm ET: It warms your heart: Messi and Ronaldinho reunite.

2:30 pm ET: Looks like warming up:

2:25 pm ET: The Arab Leipzig star players will be in the spotlight (9 goals in 11 matches):

2:05 pm ET: See who has a hand in the Paris match: Former PSG star Ronaldinho.

PSG vs Arabic Leipzig: The lineup is starting

With the exception of Neymar (adductor) and Angel Di Maria (suspended), manager Mauricio Pochettino is usually expected to field Kylian Mbappe and Mauro Icardi at center forward alongside Lionel Messi. But personal problems that forced Icardi to miss a few training sessions have also got him a place on the team. Julian Draxler will team up with Mbappe and Messi at the forward line.

PSG start lineup (4-3-3, left to right): 1-Kyler Navas-GK-25-Nuno Mendes, 3-Presnell Kimpembe, 5-Marquinhos, 2-Acharf Hakimi-27-Idrissa Gue, 6-Marco Verratti, 21-Ander Herrera-23-Julian Draxler, 7-Kylian Mbappe 30-Lionel Messi

PSG subs (10): 50-Gigi Donarumma-GK, 60-Alexandre Letellier, 24-Thilo Kehr, 22-Abdu Diallo, 20-Levin Kurzawa, 17-Colin Dagba, 39-Nathan Bitumajala, 15-Danilo Pereira, 18-Georgino-Vijnalum Junior Dina Ebimbe

An interesting change has been made by Jesse Marsh, the manager of Arabic Leipzig, who has replaced the forward trio. Instead of the usual Forsberg-Poulsen-Nkunku line, he started Andre Silva. Tyler Adams also came in early after taking a break over the weekend.

Arabic Leipzig start lineup (3-4-3, left to right): 1-Peter Gulaksi-GK-16-Lucas Klosterman, 4-Willie Urban, 2-Mohamed Simakan-3-Angelino, 27-Conrad Limer, 8-Amado Haidara, 14-Tyler Adams-22-Nordy Mukile, 33-Andre Silva , 18-Christopher Nakanku

Arabic Leipzig Subs (8): 31-Joseph Martinez-GK, 32-Josco Guardiol, 39-Benjamin Henriques, 44-Kevin Campbell, 17-Dominic Sozoboslai, 26-Elix Moriba, 10-Emil Forsberg, 9-Joseph Paulsen

How to watch PSG vs Arabic Leipzig

  • Date: Tue, Oct. 19
  • Time: In the afternoon
  • TV channels: No
  • Streaming (USA): Paramount +, PrendTV
  • Streaming (Canada): DAZN

Lionel Messi’s third Champions League match with Paris Saint-Germain will only be available via streaming. Paramount + will have an English-language stream of the match, while Univision’s free streaming platform, PrendetTV, will broadcast in Spanish.

DAZN has the rights to the UEFA Champions League in Canada and will stream the match for customers.

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