Protesters storm the Barclays Center in support of Kiri Irving’s ongoing vaccination drama

Roommates, the Brooklyn Net may not be allowing Kiri Irving to play basketball, but he still has many supporters who want to see him on the court. Hundreds of Kyrie Irving’s supporters chanted the slogan “Let Kyrie play” at the Barclays Center earlier today, although she was not allowed to play or practice with her team until she was vaccinated.

Kyrie Irving has a lot of people in her corner – and they made their presence known during the recent Brooklyn Net Home game. A large group of protesters supporting Kiri attacked the Barclays Center, claiming that he was allowed to play basketball despite his current vaccination status. As they tried to enter the front entrance of the New York City Arena, their crowd was heard shouting “Let Kiri play.”

Fortunately, local police and Barclays security were at the scene and the incident did not go out of hand, as no one was arrested or detained for supporting Kiri.

As we reported earlier, Brooklyn Net general manager Shawn Marks recently said that star player Kiri Irving “will not play or practice with the team until he is fully qualified to participate.” It follows various reports of Kiri’s hesitation about vaccination and the problems caused by his teammates and the NBA. In a statement from the net, the team decided that Kiri would not be allowed to play part-time and would be welcomed after he complied with the New York City vaccine order.

Marx further explained, highlighting that the decision about Kiri Irving was made in the best interests of the team. “He has a choice, and he has made his choice. Again, my job here is to make what we consider to be the best decision and the best choice for the organization as a whole. They are always going to be met with open arms and a thumbs up. No. These are difficult decisions. Just like I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Kiri to make [decision] For not being around his teammates, ”he said.

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