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Press release. When people talk about technology, the first thought is cell phones, applications or devices; But you rarely think of a SIM card. People often underestimate those small cards, thinking they are just chips that you use to make calls or hold data.

In contrast, the SIM card stores much more information than you can imagine, in addition to your numbers, contact information, chats, photos and even financial information. Bet you don’t know it. This is why SIM cards have become one of the favorite targets of cyber criminals, because by pressing them they will be able to get sensitive information with the help of which they will commit a huge number of computer crimes.

Faced with this situation, today people are starting to see a new trend of communication that ensures privacy, security and confidentiality, it’s all about encrypted SIM cards.

What is an encrypted SIM card?

An encrypted SIM card is a super-secure chip made with sophisticated technology and protocols based on cybersecurity, which aims to provide security, trust, privacy and confidentiality. Thanks to its technology, you will not be able to locate, interfere and hack because all the information on your device will be protected and out of the reach of any malicious third party.

What is the difference between standard SIM card vs encrypted SIM card?

The first big difference is between the calls. When you call with a regular SIM, it creates a direct connection between the caller and the answering person; Which makes it easy to pick up and block signals by third parties. When making a call with an encrypted SIM card, the signal travels securely to the service provider’s server, where it is secured before reaching the recipient. This makes it impossible to intercept the call. In addition, the encrypted SIM card lets you create random numbers for each call.

Another difference is that encrypted SIM cards come with an IMEI / IMSI encrypted system, as opposed to a standard SIM; Which is the identity code of the cell phone and SIM. Hiding them makes it impossible to connect SIMs to mobile devices; It is impossible to obtain personal data or access location services.

In addition, the encrypted SIM card works at almost the same rate all over the world, so there is no need to get a new card in every country, which facilitates the flow of travel and communication with your family, friends or colleagues.

An important point is to highlight the freedom you have with an encrypted SIM card. Since you keep the package together; Without contract, plan or cut-off date. You will have a lifetime of data that you can use as needed.

Finally, one aspect to highlight is the difference between these service providers and conventional mobile phone operators. The latter will request personal information, contract signing and data policies, then your information may be used for commercial purposes, given to third parties and where the same company can access your data traffic and call history. On the other hand, the service providers of encrypted SIM cards do not request any kind of documents, personal information or agreement at the time of purchase, it provides complete security for the client.

In conclusion, having an encrypted SIM card is synonymous with security and privacy.

SIM Encryptdos, a SIM that makes you a ghost on the web and lets you communicate in over 200 countries

The Yes encrypted One of the best encrypted SIM cards on the market offered by an international company, An expert company in secure communication. In addition, having the best encrypted cell phone brands in the world, and encrypted applications centered on the ground for launching their encrypted SIMs. It offers great features and a very affordable price for any person or organization.

The Yes encrypted Operates in more than 200 countries around the world, cannot be interfered with or hacked. It is compatible with any Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry device, install it to start enjoying all its benefits.

You can buy it with your preferred means of payment, including cryptocurrency, and recharge from anywhere you can easily and quickly. When you’re using it, the balance never expires, so you can take as long as you want to use your SIM’s resources without worrying about contract or cut-off dates.

Are you interested in improving the cyber security of your device, protecting your transactions, and being a ghost on the network? Then you must have Yes encrypted.



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