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The federal government cannot sue for a perfect ban on abortion in Texas because it is a “stimulus rather than a barrier to interstate travel,” the state argues. In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Texas proposes that the legal precedent cited by the DOJ allow the government to sue only when “interstate trade is disrupted by the denial of civil rights.”

“One of the examples that applies here is the fact that the United States was able to get sanctions against the striking workers, partly because it affected interstate trade.” Explains Of Jacqueline Thomsen National Law Journal On Twitter. “Texas argues that it does not involve the same problem so the precedent does not work. “

“In this case, the federal government does not bring in trade claims, nor does it cite any actual evidence that the Texas Heartbeat Act implies interstate trade,” the Texas motion said, filed Sept. 2. “What evidence there is on record suggests that, if anything, the law is a stimulus rather than a barrier to interstate travel,” it said, referring to the “increase in Texas women traveling to Oklahoma” to stop their pregnancies.

Thus, the state acknowledges that its “anti-life” laws are not in fact Stopping Texas women are refraining from having abortions, just following their state path – not just “saving babies” as supporters claim, but hopping aborted women through the hoop.

Texas also argues that while the federal government has not specified the cause of action, there is a lack of jurisdiction, And “The Texas Heartbeat Act is not explicitly shown Unconstitutional ” You can read the full logic of the state here.

Conspiracy of tomorrow The Texas Law (Senate Bill) has a multi-episode series of constitutional challenge analyzes that can be performed by abortion doctors and anyone who “helps with abortion” and sue. It has already filed several lawsuits. Views:

Free market

“We have an agreement in CR – an ongoing solution to prevent an official shutdown – and we should vote tomorrow morning,” he said. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said yesterday. The Senate “could quickly approve the measure, and send it to the House so that it could reach the president’s desk before the fund expires at midnight tomorrow.”

If Congress does not unite enough to vote against it, the official shutdown will begin. For that to happen, it seems like everyone has to agree on the Republicans ’preferred version of the Stopgap funding bill. From CNN:

Efforts to prevent shutdowns in recent days have been embroiled in a battle over how to deal with a debt crisis. Democrats initially tried to pass two monetary issues – debt ceiling and government funding – and a law that would resolve both, but it spread to the Senate because of opposition to the GOP.

Republicans have said they would support a “clear” stopgap funding bill that does not include the debt limit provision, arguing that Democrats must address the debt limit without a GOP vote. Democrats have backtracked, saying tackling the limit is a shared bilateral responsibility.

In the face of GOP opposition to combining the two issues, Congress is now ready to pass a “clean” funding bill without adding a clean-up limit. Schumer said Wednesday that once they funded the government, Congress would still have to “address the urgency of raising the debt limit.”

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Demographic diversity in rural America. According to the latest US census, it is increasing. “The future of rural America is being marked by increasing diversity and inequality between regions and regions – creating a complex picture that binary thinking cannot capture,” the Brookings Institution researchers wrote. They note that rural areas of the country have become more ethnically and racially diverse, and that “the distribution of people of color in rural America is complex and highly regionalized”:

In contrast to the influential narrative that uses “rural” as a synonym for “white”, in 2020 2% of rural Americans were people of color. , Also diversifying: Central Rural County’s color population grew 3.5 percentage points between 2010 and 2020 …

The makeup of the rural population of color is shaped by regionalized diversity in terms of the density of Black Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans across the country. As Figure 2 shows, rural counties in the south and west are particularly ethnically and racially diverse এই these areas have a significant majority of people in or near the rural areas.

More maps and data here.

Hit fast

Mail US mail is going to be slower and more expensive.

New “New Psychological Research Says Trigger Alert Doesn’t Reduce Negative Reactions to Annoying Ingredients – and Can Increase It” The New Yorker.

London A former London police officer who kidnapped, raped and murdered Sara Evarad has been sentenced to life in prison.

YouTube is blocking anti-vaccine content.

Check out the Mexican city built by 3D printers.

Former President Donald Trump loses his case against Omarosa.

Come to work at work Because:

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