Progressive workers record stalks and video outside the Kritsen movie bathroom stall

A group of progressive activists took Senator Kirsten Cinema (D-AZ) to a bathroom and then recorded her standing outside her stall in protest of immigration reform and opposition to the Democrats’ economic program.

The scene unfolded in a bathroom at Arizona State University on Saturday.

Among the harassers is a leftist group called Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA). They unreasonably uploaded videos of the incident on social media, somehow thinking it looked good on them.

As the cinema stall closed, an employee warned, “We knocked on your door to elect you, and just as we elected you, we will kick you out of office if you do not keep our promise.” I can. “

Other allegations appear to involve immigration reform, with one worker indicating that he is a so-called dreamer, expressing grief that he cannot travel to Mexico and return because “there is no way to citizenship”.

There IsOf course, a path to citizenship. Immigrants in the United States are often as normal as Americans because they followed that path.

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Following the Kirtsen movie in the bathroom

According to Yahoo News, Lutcher members also protested by keeping Kirsten Cinema away from the bathroom – in fact, at a public fundraiser in Phoenix – urging her to “build back better, pay back the bill.”

The claim is a reference to the senators ‘opposition to the Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

According to Arizona State, Cinema became an assistant professor there in 2003.

In our current political climate in America, he has now declined from being an honorary professor at a decent university to running and hiding in bathroom stalls because students are out of control.

Leaders followed the movie from her classroom to the bathroom, the video showed that she never responded to their comments or demands, even washing her hands.

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The movie is a moderate Democrat – and Democrats hate moderates

Cinema, just last month, to the frustration of his colleagues, announced that he would not be able to repay the $ 3.5 trillion party-line spending bill.

A spokesman said: “The actions of the US House of Representatives will not affect Kirsten’s views on what is best for our country – including the fact that he will not support the পুন 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill.”

He denounced his own party leaders last weekend for failing to vote on a $ 1.2 trillion bilateral infrastructure plan.

Kirsten requested video reporter Matt Guys (R-FL) of the bathroom incident involving the movie to advise “deport” illegal immigrants involved in the harassment.

Believe it or not, a person in the country can commit a crime by illegally recording a senator in the bathroom.

According to the Arizona State Legislature website, “any person intentionally taking pictures, videotapes, films, digitally recorded or otherwise secretly viewed, with or without the consent of any instrument, other than that person ারে in the restroom, the toilet.”

Last week, the Arizona State Democratic Party passed a resolution criticizing the movie for defending Philipbaster and for opposing Democrats’ reunification bill.

They warned that if he did not comply with the spending bill, they would “officially go on record” and “the senator would not vote for the movie in any privacy.”

State Senator Martin Quizada (D) said the movie could have been avoided Being harassed If in the bathroom she was “available to see and hear [constituents] Things about which they are interested in using normal channels.

Illegal immigrants are not an element, Senator Quizada.

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