Products that I have used since I was a kid

Soon there is more anxiety than just being a first-time parent and searching for the word “diaper” এবং and realizing that you’re on the first page of 148. The perfect amount of choices in all baby related products is irresistible to say the least.

You can read and research and review your options for a few weeks, but for the first time (or as close to it as possible) a “list” of privacy is available. Seductive docs sent from one parent to another, they are carefully respected when doing handicrafts, products that people use and like. In other words, these brave moms and dads have bought a lot of bad things before so you don’t have to.

Before my daughter, I was quite lucky to get a few lists, which I then compiled into my own master spreadsheet that I now ask any expectant parents. Below are the top ten products that made the cut. Pass it without hesitation.

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Coterie wipe with water, 4 packs

A term I had never heard before when I was pregnant and now I am intimately acquainted with “water wipes”. These are literally baby wipes that contain 99% water. Pre-baby, I just grabbed the wipes Was Soaked in water. What else will be there? Well, you’ll be surprised. Powerful cleaning agents like sodium-lauryl-sulfate, ultra-drying alcohol, the same parabens that we adults call our own skincare, preservatives that remain on the list of known annoying avoid.

When I first learned about Coterie wipes, I was fascinated by the transparency of the company. They market themselves as 100% plant based VEOCELTM Liosell wipes made with 99% water and 5 clean ingredients, and their toxicity reports are on the front and center of their website to prove it. Their components have been independently tested by third-party labs and proven to be free of 11 different types of heavy metals and fluorine. Also, they went the extra mile for dermatologist-testing to make sure the wipes were safe for sensitive or eczema prone skin.

One more thing: Many wipes contain microplastics that protect against biodegradation year after year, but Kotari wipes were proven to be compostable and fully composted in just 5 weeks through independent testing.

The Changing Pad

Kekaru Peanut Changer

All the parents who told me I didn’t need a changing table, I salute you and your obviously much stronger back, but I need to stand up to change one trillion diapers. I set up our daughter’s nursery with a plain white from Amazon that came with a squishy changing pad that I lovingly decorated with a battery soft cover with cute little smiling stars.

The first day when I brought my daughter home from the hospital, she padded and popped on that pad and I threw it in the trash. We bought a plastic changer pad that can be wiped off most importantly.

Bottle drying rack

Boon Grass Countertop Baby Bottle Drying Rack

I’m a person sort of “put everything in the dishwasher even if you shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher”. Even dishwashers don’t completely dry out all the small pieces of plastic that seem to come with a baby. Looking at you, bottles and pump parts! To keep everything from being beautiful and moldy in the drawer, I would hang everything on this drying rack. As a dishwasher enthusiast, I’ve never owned a drying rack before, and even though my daughter is now 2 years old and those teenage pieces of plastic have kindly slipped out of my life, I still stick to some naughty wet food in this thing. It’s easy to wash, not ugly to look at, and I’m too lazy to buy a different drying rack. Anything that I can happily use for two years makes the list.

Of course the tool

Oogiebear nose and ear gadget

Another thing you never think about before you have a baby is how small their little nostrils are. So when your baby’s nose is stuck, your own finger – which is surprisingly more than you are willing to pick your baby’s nose – is not appropriate. This slightly flexible plastic tool has helped my husband and I have chosen many boogers over the years. You can use it to grab a piece of ear count. Just pop in the dishwasher when you’re done. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s dishwasher safe, but that’s how I roll.


Mustella foam shampoo

Roughly speaking, I hope you never have to deal with a cradle cap. It is seen as a white spot on the scalp and our daughter got it a few weeks after her birth. For months I have tried everything to get rid of it. I bought a bunch of different shampoos, I tried home remedies, and (according to the advice of our pediatrician) I even covered her mother in baby oil and barely tried to “scrub” her gently with a well-designed cradle cap brush. Definitely too soft to do anything literally. Finally one night when I was confused due to lack of sleep yet googled baby scalp solutions, I found an article that suggested this shampoo. I tried it and the cradle hat was gone in two days and never came back. Hallelujah.


Coterie diapers, 4 week supply

Did you know that many diapers are white because they have been bleached with chlorine? Yes, I didn’t either. Once I discovered Coterie’s Water Wipes, I went all in and even started a diaper subscription. They are free of chlorine, alcohol, perfume and parabens. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, oh, and Really Soft but you are probably wondering, how much urine do they contain? What is urine? Inside Diapers? What will happen at night? Rest assured, if they take place on the list, they are blueout-proof. A word for the wise: Get a subscription. You will save $ 9 for every 4-week delivery you order and you will never have the experience of staring at an empty shelf where your diapers are not supposed to be in terror.

Stroller fan

Todd Stroller fan

I had a daughter in mid-June, so I was hanging out with the newborn in the summer heat. I thought she might be a short-sleeved fine with her stroller sun-covered shades, but Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s well-meaning but very fair mother wanted me to know otherwise. Three moms came to me before I realized where my stroller fan was or was quietly suggesting that it was an essential purchase. Enough of course, after I clip one, he seems to enjoy walking more. Consider this an i-received-judgment-so-you-don’t-have-moments.


Babyjorn bouncer

When my daughter was younger I put a dock-a-tot on the coffee table where I stood next to the sofa for the first three months of her life. He seemed to enjoy hanging out there, but once he was old enough to see us around we had to upgrade. This bouncer was a comfortable place for him (and bounced) when I needed to keep my hands free. A lot of people suggested that I wear it everywhere, but for a number of reasons I ended up pumping exclusively for quite some time and needed to have my hands And The upper part of the body is free. Also those showers.

We added the isolated toy bar to spice up when he was upset and it was an instant hit. Wash the cover, because you Willpower The cover needs to be washed, just slip off the frame. Also, the whole thing folds flat so you can easily pack it into the car.


Skip the Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Center and Exerciser

When your child surpasses the bouncer, move this way. I could put my daughter here and play with different toys while I cooked a whole dinner. Or ate a whole dinner. Or there was a real human interaction with another person. Plus, without fail, this thing could make her poop. I don’t know if it was a straight position or what, but we called it its pumping station. Worked every time.

Once they get older, you can take out the seat and the small leg stand becomes a tabletop, so now it’s a small table for my daughter to do her crafts and crafts. And, The gray part is doubled as a chalkboard. They really thought of everything.

The Blankey

Small giraffe velvet deluxe lan empty

When our daughter was tired she would suck her thumb with one hand and rub her ears with the other hand. I thought it was very dear until my nanny kindly suggested that we break her ear and let her be a lover. Yes, that’s right. We gave her this insane soft pink little giraffe lover which we got as a baby gift and she was attracted. He started calling it “ya” and it quickly became an important part of sleep time, sleep time and boring time. Ya could fix something. Eventually my mom found our little purple giraffe lover, who called our daughter “purple ya” to let us know she wasn’t stupid and clearly understood that it wasn’t her real ya. And she now sleeps with the blanket version, which she rightly calls the “big ya.” Love him.

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