Princess Margaret’s best fashion of the decade

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Take a look at Princess Margaret’s iconic style from her most over-the-tires to her iconic wedding gown.

D 75’s

Princess Margaret in the garden of Windsor during the summer of 1941. He turned 11 that summer.

2 75’s

Princess Margaret, sitting and wearing multi-colored dresses and holding a straw hat.

3 75’s

The princess sat in a royal portrait in 1944, wearing a formal evening dress with sequined butterflies around her shoulders and holding two pink roses.

4 75’s

Princess Margaret Rose at Buckingham Palace on her 17th birthday, August 20, 1947.

5 75’s

Princess Margaret, accompanied by the Lord Mayor of Bristol, was received by the Cadet Guard of Honor in Bristol on 28 March 1818.

6 75’s

Princess Margaret, wearing a lace dress and long gloves, received a bouquet of flowers in 1949.

7 75’s

Princess Margaret conducted the reopening of the Women’s Residential Training College for primary school teachers in Avery Hill in 1949.

8 75’s

The princess posed in an ornate pink gown in 1949.

9 75’s

Princess Margaret saw the display of the Royal Air Force in Farnborough in 1950, wearing more casual attire.

10 75’s

Princess Margaret was present at the premiere of the film Captain Horatio is also a horn blower April 12, 1951 at Warner Theater Leicester Square.

11 75’s

Princess Margaret addressed the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade assembly in 1953.

12 75’s

Follows a performance by Princess Margaret Boys and dolls.

13 75’s

Princess Margaret wore a bright yellow dress and matching hat during her trip to the Caribbean.

14 75’s

Princess Margaret chose a stunning hat and sunglasses at the Kingston Race during the 1955 Caribbean Royal Tour.

15 75’s

Princess Margaret 1 wore a feathered blue hat, pearls and patterned dress during a tour of East Africa in 1956.

16 75’s

The princess wore a leopard coat at the Badminton Horse Trial in 1957 with Princess Mary.

17 75’s

Princess Margaret dances with Jackie Todaf in the 1958 ball, organized by the English Folk Dance and Song Society. The princess wore a balloon-skirt adorned with a bow.

18 75’s

Princess Margaret and her new husband Anthony Armstrong-Jones left Westminster Abbey after their marriage on May 1, 2010.

19 75’s

Princess Margaret arrives at Liverpool’s Strugger Works, wearing a purple coat, green dress and matching hat.

20 75’s

Princess Margaret wears a fur coat, a pink robe, and dramatic jewelry at the movie premiere Alamo On October 27, 1960 in Astoria, London.

21 75’s

Princess Margaret in an orange gown, Prince Bartil of Sweden, Prince Golam Reza Pahlavi of Iran and former Queen Marie Jose of Italy, King Baudoin of Belgium and Fabiola stand at a civil wedding on January 1, 1961.

22 75’s

The Princess took part in a Royal Command film performance in 1961, wearing a fur wrap, a blue gown and lots of jewelry.

23 75’s

Princess Margaret attended a wedding in 1962 at Westminster Abbey

24 75’s

Princess Margaret looks at the crowd as she travels to Jamaica. Here, he attends a ceremony marking the independence of the former British colony in Jamaica in August 1, 2nd.

25 75’s

Princess Margaret Poltimore goes to Buckingham Palace for a 1962 state banquet, dressed in a tiara (and a fully integrated hairdo).

26 75’s

Princess Margaret wore an extraordinary hat in 1963.

27 75’s

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden arrive at the Hilton Hotel in London. The princess is there after stealing a Ceres and gold gown and a brown mink.

28 75’s

Princess Margaret and Sir Roger McKinse during the inauguration of the new residential hall at Imperial College in 1963.

29 75’s

In a gala preview for Princess Margaret A. Funny things happened on the way to the forum. The event was in support of The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

30 75’s

Princess Margaret wearing a charity event, eighteenth-century ballgown and Georgian ball wig at the Mansion House in London on July 14 with the support of Friends of St. John.

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