President Trump has issued three statements on fraud in the run-up to the 2020 election

President Trump today released three more statements related to the 2020 election, related fraud and the audits that need to be done to restore the integrity of our election.

Many of the disenfranchised people who voted for the President in the 2020 election or the Republicans voted never to vote in the upcoming election:

If we don’t address the fraud of the 2020 presidential election (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not vote in ’22 or ’24. This is the most important thing for Republicans.

He then addressed the Corrupt and False Committee in the House of Representatives investigating the January setup:

Running: “I never expected to be a prisoner of war in my own country” – Jan January Political prisoner Jeremy Brown calls Gateway Pandit from Florida jail – Audio

Why isn’t there a January 6th election committee of biased hackers studying the rigging of the January presidential election, and that’s why millions of people went to Washington in January to protest? Look at the numbers that are now being reported about fraud, which we now call “really big lies”. You will not be able to study from January to January because it happened in November. But Democrats don’t want to do that because they know what happened on election day in and out of the swing states. If we had an honest media, this election would have been reversed many months ago, but our media is almost as corrupt as our political system!

President Trump then said that we must get rid of the “Republicans” who are defeated and / or the Democrats:

A big rally yesterday in Michigan, the incredible attitude and knowledge of what happened in the 2020 presidential election vote and vote counting. Detroit, which for many years was the most corrupt place in the United States for elections (and many more! To verify the results, and was sadly threatened. Wasn’t it true that, among other things, there were far more voters than voters? Senate committee RINOs found 289,866 missing ballots that were sent to people who never asked them, “Something that would be invalid.” Why did they wickedly exclude Republican voters? It was a complete mess. Why wouldn’t they give the honorable professionals and delegates the right to conduct forensic audits of Wayne County (Detroit) and McComb County at yesterday’s rally? Hopefully, every one of these cowardly RINOs, whose names will be identified and will be primary in the upcoming elections, with my full and full approval. Congratulations!

President Trump was again right in this statement.

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