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“Successfully rebuilding requires global confidence and an investment response to bring production and costs back to pre-epidemic levels,” he said in a pre-recorded message.

“The surest way to build this confidence is to make vaccines available worldwide in a fair and accessible way.”

However, he said the current “inequality” in vaccine supply “reflects a multilateral system that urgently needs repair.”

Increase investment and technology transfer

Therefore, in order to build better, the international community must see integrated, structural changes to enable “quantum growth” in investment and technology transfer.

It will not be “charitable”, but will be guided by enlightened interests and solidarity.

He said a fast-growing Africa would give the whole world the opportunity to pay its demographic dividends and huge investments.

“Africa can become an engine of sustainable global growth and an exporter of peace and stability and transformative prosperity.”

Building ‘green’

With the economic recovery associated with climate action and the COP26 UN climate conference fast approaching, President Kenyatta highlighted the need for a clear commitment to support developing countries’ investment in “green” production.

“A‘ green building back better ’that provides jobs and prosperous prosperity will win the support of the younger generation and intensify the drive towards climate change action,” he added.

The president has taken steps to turn Kenya into a “green industry” country, with plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2 per cent by 2070, in line with national commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Kenya has implemented a multi-year strategy to achieve high economic growth while supporting the path of low-carbon development.

Manage diversity, strengthen faith

Turning to other issues in the international program, President Kenyatta noted that state fragility in many countries is leading to a chronic crisis.

This fragility is mainly due to the inability to manage diversity within the nation, he said, thus giving militant and terrorist groups the opportunity to create social unrest and control large areas.

“The tools to deal with these crises are not proving adequate, so we must work to improve their capabilities,” he said.

“The most important thing we can do is to increase the efficiency of states to manage both political and social diversity within their states. Indeed, countries need to act in a way that strengthens trust between citizens and public institutions and citizens and their leaders.

President Kenyatta said his own country’s “difficult experience” and determination to rise above them could serve as a good case study for other nations.

The full speech is attached here.

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