Predict the results of each NFL Week 5 game

Last week: 9-7, season tu forecast bumping up 40-24


– New York Jets vs Atlanta Falcons (-3) in London: No intelligent American would pay for this game among the five worst teams in the NFL, so why not send it across the pond to England? Sorry Khit, London, we can do better. In the spirit of playing in a football stadium, I would pick a team with better kickers.

Falcons 23, Jets 20

– Miami dolphins at Tamp Bay Buccaneers (-10): Is there any chance of TB12 disappointment after an emotional, record-setting win on Sunday night? Don’t bet on …

Buccaneers 25, Dolphins 14

– Carolina Panthers Philadelphia Ag Gulls (-3.5): The random stats that shocked me when I saw this matchup: Ag Gols leads the NFL to an impressive 5.4 per carry. And while most of its QB comes from Jalen Harts (34 carry, 226 yards), RBS Miles Sanders and Kenneth Gainwell are also above 4.4 YPC. As long as the Aggalls defense can keep the game script neutral enough so that they are not forced to pass, they can have success against Carolina’s 25th ranked (YPC) run defense. Oddly enough, the ags in the run percentage are down and the Panthers are down in the face facing the run.

Ag Gaul 27, Panther 24

– New Orleans Saints on the Washington football team (+1): If it’s an odd-numbered week, good saints arrive. The bizarre roller coasters of their schizophrenic play from New Orleans are really wild. Conversely, the football team did not win on the odd weekend but was even unbeaten. Who am I to fight the forces of nature?

Saints 30, football team 21

– Tennessee Titans at the Jacksonville Jaguars (+4.5): The urban mayor travels back to Circus Duval. Oddly enough, his Jaguars have a real chance of winning first. Tennessee’s injury report on Wednesday showed full 1 players were out or limited and it wasn’t just some random players. Julio Jones out, and Taylor Lewan, AJ Brown, Bud Dupree, Chris Jackson and even painter Brett Corn will not be at 100%. Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars could defeat them if they could keep the urban Shannon behind them. It’s hard to say.

Titans 24, Jaguars 21

– Detroit Lions in Minnesota Vikings (+9.5): The Lions could have been without their top three offensive linemen if Rookie hadn’t played Otti Penny Sewell and he couldn’t. The loss to Pro Bowl center Frank Ragno and top pass-star Romeo Okwara last week was a big blow for the undefeated Lions. Not only will they have plenty of chances to keep the seven-game losing streak against the Vikings perfectly healthy, but seven of Detroit’s top 10 players may not play due to injuries. It’s hard to see this one being competitive.

Vikings 34, Lions 14

– Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers (-1): Steelers should not be biased in this game. In addition to the visiting Broncos being 3-1 and Pittsburgh 1-3, Denver’s defense is a terrible match for the offense of Ben Rothlisberger and the relegated Steelers. The Pittsburgh defense will give them a chance, but they are not a good team here, not even at home.

Bronx 24, Steelers 12

– Cincinnati Green Bay Packers (+3) in Bengal: Perhaps a tougher matchup than you might expect based on the excitement surrounding these two teams. Both are 3-1. The Bengals did not face top competition, and I think the young Cincinnati team will travel. The only team that beat them in multiple wins this season (Chicago). Cincinnati is a good litmus test for defense, which gets almost no attention. I hope they stay close to them but are not able to light victory cigars.

Packers 26, Bengals 24

– New England Patriots in Houston Texans (+9): The Texans expect a profit of more than 109 yards and receive less than five gifts, as they did a week ago in the most ineligible display of offense in quite some time. But don’t expect them to improve enough to defeat the Patriots. Those halcyon days of the Texans’ letterman jacket must have seemed a long time ago.

Patriot 27, Texans 13

– Chicago Bears at the Las Vegas Riders (-5.5): Now that the Raiders have been knocked out of the unbeaten ranks, they have faced a brief counter-attack against a Bears team that has taken on some much-needed confidence as well as accepting QB Justin Fields. Don’t forget about Khalil Mac. It’s almost hard to remember that he once played for the Raiders.

Bears 23, Riders 21

– Cleveland Browns in the Los Angeles Chargers (-1): Cleveland’s defense has been on fire for the past two weeks. They will have to stay in Fuego in Los Angeles, as the Browns will need to increase their offense. Baker Mayfield’s non-throwing shoulder injury is a problem, as is left tackle Jeddick Wills ’left ankle. Lack of first-round C. Greg Newsome is also problematic. It would be hard for the Browns to reconcile the big drama and funny charger crime with Justin Herbert unless Miles Garrett, Denzel Ward & Co. bring pain again.

Charger 20, Brown 17

– New York Giants in the Dallas Cowboys (-7.5): Postal Prescott saves MVP candidacy and kicks. The nonpoint version of that song title, Simple Minds is not a classic. The angry nu-metal tone is better for the cowboys than the saccharini of the 80s pack.

Cowboys 35, Giants 24

– The San Francisco 49ers at the Arizona Cardinals (-5.5): The Cardinals are the last unbeaten team. Just four weeks into the season and every team except Arizona has already suffered a loss. 49ers are not fit to hang damage on them. San Francisco 2-2 but two wins narrowed the victory over the bad team on the road, and their loss was to the good team at home. Now they are on the road to playing the best team in the NFL (current). I don’t see that last good for Trey Lance and the 49ers.

Cardinal 30, 49 Years 20

– Buffalo Bill in Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5): A reunion of last year’s AFC Championship game, a matchup that features 53 combined first downs and a single pants after halftime. Kansas City won the game 38-24, but it’s not the same Chiefs defense. They have dropped at least 2 points per game, and the bad news against a Bills team is that they have not scored less than 355 runs in a game since 1 week. Too. They’re not going to empty high-flying chiefs and Patrick Mahoms, but they have enough to balance their offensive success.

Bill 37, Chief 31

Monday night

– Indianapolis Colts in Baltimore Ravens (-7): Carson Wentz against smart and talented Venvens defense in prime time? Yes, don’t worry about it …

Ravens 30, Colts 16

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