Predict the outcome of each NFL Week 6 game

Last week: 14-2, a great week for a great weekend of football. Season 2 forecast is now 54-26.

Farewell week begins this week. Make sure you’re observing your fantasy lineups and pay more attention to survival pools … if you’re still alive.


– Los Angeles Chargers in Baltimore Ravens (-3): Both teams are 4-1, but the path to that high record was much less treacherous for Los Angeles. Kakera loves to live dangerously. John Harbaugh’s team is two snaps away from being 2-2, and those losses will be against undefeated Detroit and 1–4 Indianapolis. “Johnny Dangersley” is an amazingly underrated Michael Keaton flick of the ‘100s, but it’s not a path of greatness against an impressive surround team like the Chargers.

Chargers 26, Ravens 24

– Green Bay Packers in Chicago Bears (+4): One of the NFL’s best and oldest rivals returns to Chicago, where the 3-2 Bears are even at the top of the NFC North. If you fall for Brent Musberger’s voice, you will find the gravity of this game.

Bears QB Justin Fields is not 100% after his knee injury, and that’s a problem for Chicago. Each of them will need first, every point they can get. Packers Patchwork Secondary, minus top CB Zaire Alexander (among others) weak, but a hubby rookie with hit and miss receiving corps? Hard to believe. It could happen but the forecast is too cloudy and the Packers can’t drop the umbrella.

Packers 25, Bears 21

– Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns (-3): The Cardinals are the last unbeaten team, but they get Rodney Dangerfield treatment from the bookies. The game is supposed to be a damp, sunless day on the street, on the shores of Lake Erie. The Browns are licking their wounds after gaining 3-2 and just 42 points last week.

You won’t know from the Cleveland media that the Browns defense dropped 47 points last week. Laser focus on how badly Baker Mayfield performed. Playing with a non-throwing shoulder injury and a backup left tackle, the Mayfield Chargers were able to score 23-of-32 passes, 305 yards, 2 TDs, 0 turnovers and three drops from it for just 42 runs. Receiver I think the Cardinals are responsible for the damage, but I also think Cleveland is playing with some serious negative action on how they blame Mayfield for everything. Have we not forgotten the football sins of Charlie Fry, Jeff Garcia, Dishon Kieser et al? Also, Cardinals head coach Cliff Kingsbury is set to miss the game after a positive test for Covid.

Browns 30, Cardinals 28

– Kansas City Chiefs of the Washington football team (+6.5): There haven’t been many good things coming from the WFT lately, but they’re getting something on Sunday. Halfway through, the WFT will officially retire the late Sean Taylor’s No. 21 jersey. I don’t hope it will help them keep pace with their chiefs, but it’s still a class gesture from an organization that usually lacks it. Lipstick on a pig from an owner who can kiss everyone …

Chiefs 37, football team 28

– Minnesota Vikings in the Carolina Panthers (+1): Dalvin Cook is likely to play, while Christian McCaffrey has been placed in the IR. Alexander Mattison of the Vikings has a better backup plan and a better receiving corps. We look back to the start with Carolina 3-0 This Give the offensive line and Sam Darnald an extra few million for his success, or at least a warm “ataboy” and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Vikings 29, Panthers 18

– Las Vegas Riders in the Denver Broncos (-3.5): It’s anyone’s best guess as to how the Raiders came out this week in an email release following the sudden resignation of head coach John Gruden, who showed that almost everyone has been talking irresistibly. Here’s just one idea – I believe the Raiders players gather around each other and find success this week, but then fall down. Denver will not be an easy environment to pull it off.

Riders 20, Broncos 17

– Los Angeles Rams in the New York Giants (+9.5): The designated gods blessed Radam with one of the easiest three-games, starting with this game in New York. The Los Angeles One-Win could draw the Giants, a team where the players you’ve probably heard of are in some form of injury, followed by the undefeated Lions and the one-time Texans. Of those three, Shawn McVeigh is the least likely to make the team.

Rams 33, Giants 9

– Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5) in England: The English game deserves a courtesy of the excellent pro-metal band, Periphery, and a preview of their song, “The Way the News Goes”:

Wake up

When I stumble in a dark light

Deep breathing is enough to hit a sufficient height

Take a good look and I’m at the bottom again

For the losers here they may have to play at Plane Ride Home.

Jaguars 20, dolphins 17

– Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts (-10): I don’t believe the Texans are a good team, but I really don’t believe the Colts deserve to be a 10-point favorite over anyone. Especially not the same team with a 1-4 record. Straighten the Colts, take the Texans points.

Colts 24, Texans 17

– Cincinnati Bengals in Detroit Lions (+3.5): Give credit to my young, injury-stricken Lions for playing hard and finding ways to keep games off and interesting. The pass defense is playing better than expected, but it needs to be taken to another level to slow down Joe Borough, the offensive rookie of the year front-runner jammer chase of the year and the visiting Bengals. Jared Goff is not running Anthony Lynn’s offense with Detroit’s limited weapons until there is a shutout near the defense. Great opportunity for Bengalis to use the surviving fantasy pools.

Bengals 27, Lions 12

– Dallas Cowboys in New England Patriots (+3.5): Meet Jerry Jones, Mac Jones. Pats Rookie is playing decently, but he will need more help to get Jerry off the Cowboys. It is difficult to slow down the high-octane attack of New England’s slow defense Dallas.

Cowboy 30, Patriot 16

– Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers (-4): Seattle has the NFL’s worst defense. The Seahawks will now try to win the game with that leaked unit without Russell Wilson in Cuba. Steelers are flawed but not That Defective. And if they really are That It’s time for the flawed, fat woman to take the stage in Pittsburgh and sing her heart out.

Steelers 26, Seahawks 17

Monday night

– Tennessee Titans Buffalo Bills (+6): Bills could be the best team in the NFL right now. They certainly excel in conversation with dynamic offense, a well-organized defense and the coach of Shawn McDermott who has great feelings for his team. I like what I saw from the incompetent Titans last week, but I can’t trust Jacksonville to do what they did on the bills. Beware of the extra confidence in Buffalo on the road here, but they should expect a better team and their win.

Bill 31, Titans 28

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