Predict the outcome of each NFL Week 3 game

Last week: 11-5, pushing the season forecast to 18-14 in two weeks

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Sunday Games

– Arizona Cardinals at the Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5): The urban mayor will hardly learn that these cardinals are not ball states. The Jacksonville defense is still looking for the first takeaway of the season.

Cardinals 33, Jaguar 18

– Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts (-5): This game can legally determine the AFC South race. The Titans could bury the Colts 1-1 and more flawed than the ad-0-3 with a home win here. In Carson Wentz’s injury, a secondary out between the OL duo and the Big 12, the Colts get into serious trouble if Ryan Tanhill, AJ Brown & Co. find it. Given how the Titans have played so far, it’s certainly not given. Still a good week to use the Titans in your surviving fantasy game.

Titans 34, Colts 19

– Baltimore Ravens (+8) in Detroit Lions: My lions are easy to rely on, and they get very few chances in this game with the secondary and dollar general wide receiving corps of their youth. But look at this one TJ Hockenson. The Ravens have dropped a lot of catches and yards to Darren Waller and Travis Kells in the first two weeks, and now they are drawing Hawkinson যার who has taken the most in any of the two weeks. Hawk could make 11 catches and a TD for 116 yards. Two of the five bad pass defenses in this league, so hack the over at 50.5 and hammer!

Ravens 44, Lions 30

– Washington football team in Buffalo Bill (-7.5): The Bills are coming through a -05-0 shutout win in Miami, and it creates a lot of weird clouds in the forecast. How much of this was the extraordinary defense vs. Tuya Tagoviloa and his post-injury replacement, a terrific performance by Jacob Brisett? How worrying is it that Josh Allen stayed in his weird joke even in a win? Will the bills be won easily and confident? Is the football team able to force the bill defense on QB Taylor Heine?

This one bet is in your danger …

Bill 24, football team 17

– New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints (-3): The Sadhakas become the best performance of any team in Week 1 and the worst performance in the 2nd week.

Patriot 20, Saint 17

– Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers (-6.5): Reconstruction and recovery of the week after the post-defeat of the Chiefs and Patrick Mahoms on Sunday night. Chargers can make it very attractive if they avoid the mistakes they spend on their Week 2 loss to Dallas. The lack of momentum in midfield defense in Kansas City (outside of Tyrone Matthews) is a real problem against QUB scramblers like Austin Eckler and even Justin Herbert. But in a shootout, take the team with better firepower overall.

Chiefs 37, Chargers 31

– Atlanta Falcons at the New York Giants (-3): My thoughts on Matt Ryan in Atlanta have been aptly summed up by a band that has released their (fantastic) latest single, Shoulders,

You are going out of your way

Just to keep me down

Maybe we weren’t made for each other

And I’m the only one you can put aside

Man your own jackhammer, man your battle station!

Giants 28, Falcons 24

– Cleveland Browns Chicago Bears (-7): The Justin Fields era began for Chicago. It’s not a terrible place to test him, Brown’s defense has been strangely weakened in the first two weeks. Cleveland has yet to establish a defensive identity this year “we’ve got a lot of talented guys on the field”. Fields could come in handy if the Browns don’t do anything a little more active with the likes of DC Joe Woods Miles Garrett, Jadevian Clooney, Jeremiah Ousu-Koramoh, John Johnson, Denzel Ward & Co.

See? The Browns have some fantastic pieces in defense. While assembling the puzzle for them …

Browns 27, Bears 20

– Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals (-3): There were questions about Ben Rothlisberger’s availability for the AFC North matchup this week. He will play, but TJ Watt of Star Pass-Rasha has been dropped. If Rothlisberger plays, s

Steelers 28, Bengals 17

– Miami Dolphins at the Las Vegas Riders (-4): Our first look at Jacob Brisette in Miami was not positive. And now he’s making his debut against the undefeated Riders in Miami, who certainly won’t be blurred in two weeks. Las Vegas is very good at counter-punching and wearing opponents. It may end earlier by a TKO …

Riders 30, Dolphins 12

– Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Los Angeles Rams (+1.5): Perhaps the best game of slate, Tom Brady and unbeaten books have got a real test with the new look ram behind Matthew Stafford. Yet for all the media focus that will be on quarterbacks, I think this game brings out which team can run the ball more efficiently.

Rushing yards can be confusing. They are evaluated by the bulk number, but the carrying per yard is much more important than the total carrying yard. At most, the ability to run the ball effectively in the first down or second and short is often one of the most telling predictions of a outcome. And here’s the surprise: the Rams do it much better than the Buccaneers in two weeks. I will hang my prophetic hat on him.

Rams 24, Buccaneers 20

– Seattle Seahawks in Minnesota Vikings (+2): Here’s just a wish, but it’s hard for me to believe that this Vikings team is bad enough to start 0-3. Seattle is certainly capable of winning and probably deserving of grace, but I’m looking for more macro-levels here. Don’t ask me how it is, but Mike Zimmer’s crew finds a way to get off the winless track.

Vikings 22, Seahawks 20

– New York Jets in the Denver Broncos (-10.5): Love someone as much as the NFL schedule makers love the Denver Broncos. This is the third game in a row to start the season where the Broncos will face a team that will be unbeaten after We Week. Sledding will become more difficult in the 4th week with Baltimore, but until then, enjoy a ridiculously favorable result of the first season. Schedule, Broncos fans.

Bronx 32, Jets 13

– Green Bay Packers in San Francisco 49ers (-3.5): As I sat down to write this forecast, I was comfortably won over by the Packers behind the Aaron Rogers-Davante Adams connection. There is no answer for the 49ers, especially with their injury-ridden secondary.

But then I thought about another offense vs. defense matchup, and I realized that the Packers could get into real trouble here. Their pass rush does not exist, duration. Their LBs aren’t bad but Kyle Shanahan’s varied offense isn’t able to figure out what help they can’t get.

So now I am in a real conflict. I can make a compelling argument for both teams to win. Then there’s the X Factor: it’s Green Bay in prime time. Even on the road, at least one unsatisfactorily false, unjust call can be expected that they can go their way where it gives the Packers the biggest positive advantage. Prove me wrong, NFL …

Packers 28, 49 Years 26

Monday night

Cowboys aggall (-4): Finally we got an interesting NFC East matchup that will attract viewers. It’s been a while. My money is more than anything Jalen Harts and Philly can do behind their own tragic back in Dallas crime, to exploit some of the holes in the post-Prescott and his talented pass-catchers band Goals Defense. I’m also looking forward to seeing Tony Pollard evolve over Ezekiel Elliott as the Top Cowboys RB continues, and how difficult it will be for some Dallas fans to reunite.

Cowboy 34, aggl 28

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