Poll: Most Americans think the Covid-19 threat is becoming less serious

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square)

According to a new survey conducted by the Convention of States, most Americans believe the threat of the coronavirus is becoming less serious, and a majority believe that government health officials like President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fawcett do not want to end the lockdown. Action in partnership with Trafalgar Group.

“Despite Big Media and Big Tech working tirelessly to suppress the truth, this survey shows that most Americans are not the least bit stupid,” said Mark McLaren, president of the Convention on the Status of Action. “They clearly see that the epidemic is on a downward trend and they also understand that President Biden and Dr. Fawcett have no intention of relaxing the restrictions and orders.”

According to the survey, 63.1% of potential voters believe that the threat of coronavirus is becoming less serious, 25.9% say it is much less serious, 26.1% who say it is becoming more serious. About 11% said they are not sure.

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Among those surveyed, independent voters were the largest majority who said it was becoming less serious, representing 74.5%, followed by 71.5% Republicans and 48.9% Democrats.

Similarly, a majority of voters, 47%, led by independents and Republicans, believe that the President and the FAO do not want the end of COVID-19-related restrictions and orders. The majority were Republicans, 69.2%, followed by 51.2% independents and 26% Democrats.

Arizona is the first state to sue more than 80 million Americans after a lawsuit was filed against the Biden administration by the Biden executive order that private employers want their employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or potentially dismiss them.

The order is not effective because no federal rules have been issued by the agency responsible for its implementation. More than 24 Republican attorney generals have said they will fight the mandate, claiming it is “catastrophic and counterproductive” and will ruin jobs in their state.

Still, employees across the United States have already been fired or sued for threatening to fire for refusing to comply with orders, and hospitals, police departments and airlines are reporting a record number of employees leaving their jobs at a time when the economy is still in shambles. Didn’t come back from last year’s lockdown.

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The survey was conducted among 1,083 potential voters between October 7 and 10 and has an error margin of 2.98 percent.

Syndicated with permission from Center Square.

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