Poll: Confidence in the media sinks to just 36 percent

Confidence in the media has fully increased. How did it happen? Why it’s so easy to see.

When was the last time a journalist asked Joe Biden about Americans trapped in Afghanistan? Wayne was the last time they asked him about a drone strike that killed innocent people, including children?

They don’t do it because they are too busy talking about rebellion! January 6th, or how bad the Republicans are. They push a political agenda and they lie and lie and lie.

Why would anyone believe them?

Running: Biden defends “genocide” and “hundreds of people are losing their jobs” against his unconstitutional wax mandate (video)

New Busters reports:

Gallup: Confidence in the media sank to 36 percent, the second lowest

Can the distrust of the media be much higher? Gallup pollsters reported Thursday that American confidence in the media “dropped four percentage points from last year to 36 percent to report the news completely, accurately and fairly, the second lowest reading in this year’s Gallup trend.”

Overall, only seven percent of U.S. adults say they have “abundant” and 29 percent “fair amounts” of faith and confidence in newspaper, television and radio news reports – which, collectively, four points below the 32 percent record in 2016, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton during the war.

More than half of respondents are upset: 2 percent of the public currently registers a “not too much” belief and a percent says they have “absolutely no”.

Of course, lots of Democrats still trust the media. Why do you think that?

Don’t expect a change in the media. They are staff and they have an agenda.

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