Polkdot Eyes Goes $ 75 After Setting Up DOT Price Rally Classic Bullish Reversal

The Polkdot (dot) chart technically suggests that it could reach a new record high of around $ 75 if the dot decides above its $ 41- $ 43 range.

This is according to a classic bullish reversal setup known as an inverse head and shoulder (H&S), when the price closes three sales during market consolidation.

Specifically, the pattern includes an initial sale, followed by a short-term price rally and another-deep-sell. This leads to another small correction in the opposite direction, followed by another sale that goes closer to / below the lowest level of the first sale.

Inverted head and shoulder pattern figure. Source: ThinkMarkets

The first and last sale represents the “left” and “right” shoulders, respectively, while the second sale represents the “head”. On the other hand, the level around which all short-term assemblies are at the top represents the “neckline” of the head and shoulder pattern.

Traitical analysts typically measure the maximum distance between it and the head formation to determine the H&S reverse target from neckline resistance.

Thus, it appears that Polkdot is creating a similar bullish pattern in its weekly chart, as shown below.

The dot / usd weekly price list features the opposite head and shoulder setup. Source: Tradingview

The maximum distance between the dot’s neckline and the bottom of the head is going to be around $ 31. Therefore, a successful bullish breakout above the neckline range of $ 41– $ 43 puts the next long-term target at around $ 75.

The parachute auction is coming up in November

The reverse H&S pattern rose nearly 30% last week to a five-month high of around $ 44. The main part of his weekly uptrend was the rise in prices across the crypto market, as well as the news of the first parachain auction of Polkadat on November 11 live.

In detail, Polcadot’s parachains are parallel, application-specific chain-child lasers connected to a single parent laser called a relay chain. Due to their parallel nature, parachains simultaneously process multiple transactions and maintain and record their data in the original database by communicating with other chains.

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It comes as a break from the process of arranging transactions and processing them in order.

DOT, which serves as a utility token for fees, governance, inter-operability and bonding within the Polkdot ecosystem, rallied more than 2 %% after the announcement of the parachute auction.

Subsequently, Polcadot aims to introduce a cross-chain feature that will enable its relay chain to external blockchains (Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.) through special related smart contracts. Meanwhile, the project plans to launch a “built-in bridging module” that will improve the interoperability of external blockchains with Polkdot.

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