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Polcar is proud to announce its upcoming integration Chainlink’s price feed. By integrating chainlink-powered decentralized oracles, the Pulker platform will be able to provide players with a more decentralized and reliable service.

The initial chainlink price feed implementation will replace the current price feed API within Polkar’s patented multi-crypto marketplace protocol. While it is impressive to move the former API to the ChannelLink price feed, Palkar has many more plans with ChannelLink in the future.

Polker.Game & Chainlink

Pallker’s patented multi-crypto marketplace solution requires that the prices of all cryptocurrencies be updated accurately in real-time. The protocol currently uses an API that pulls live price data from multiple sources, checks for inconsistencies, and updates prices in real-time. While the system works well, Polkar doesn’t just want things to ‘work properly’ – we want excellence. For this reason, Palkar continues to communicate with ChannelLink and will upgrade the Price Feed system within the MultiCrypto Marketplace to pre-built decentralized Oracle networks in ChannelLink Price Feed that maintain on-chain price feeds for various crypto and traditional cryptocurrencies.

The chainlink price feeds have been rigorously tested over a long period of time in production, which has already helped protect billions of dollars across DFI and GameFi. The ChannelLink Price Feed helps ensure that the Smart Agreement protocol is using extremely secure and reliable data when quoting users’ asset value or initiating the implementation of the Smart Agreement.

Some specific optimizations of the chainlink pricing feed include:

  • High quality data -Data is collected from numerous premium data aggregates such as BraveNewCoin and Kaiko, resulting in volume-adjusted global market value with strong market coverage.
  • Reliable node -Precious feeds are protected by a decentralized network of independent, security-reviewed, CIBIL-resistant Oracle nodes, managed by a leading blockchain DevOps team with a proven history of hyper-reliability.
  • Decentralized infrastructure -Data sourcing and transmission on-chain are both decentralized, removing any central point of failure.
  • Transparency -Chanelink provides a powerful reputation framework and on-chain monitoring tools that allow users to individually verify the historical performance of node operators and Oracle networks, as well as provide real-time price verification.

The decision to implement ChannelLink benefits the platform and of course the players. Having a decentralized on-chain price feed removes the necessary trust element from the current centralized price feed system, which is great news for players on the Polcar platform.

Following the recent grant from the Polygon Foundation, the integration of Chainlink in Palkar is another important step. In addition, adding the chainling Oracle to Polkar will be a simple engineering lift, as Chanelink is already locally integrated on the polygon. Channellink has announced this Here.

The Future of Chainlink and Pulker

Integrating chainlink price feeds is a priority for Polkar and current developments. However, ChannelLink provides an additional number of solutions that Polkar will implement in due course.

In the future, Polkar wants to create a version of the multi-crypto marketplace that removes the element of centralization during gameplay. Players will be able to deposit their crypto into a smart contract that locks the native token and issues a wrapping token in Layer 2 solution.

For example, a player deposits 400 XRP and receives 400 PolkerXRP for gameplay. Similarly, the player gets two deposits of 0.2 BTC and 0.2 PolkerBTC for gameplay. Since all players are now using wrapped tokens, they are all in the same blockchain instead of being stuck in their respective chains. Once the gameplay is over, if a player holds 100 PolkerXRP and 0.05 PolkerBTC, they can redeem the equivalent of Native XRP and BTC.

This will allow quick and easy level 2 transfers to polygons and other chains in the future. This will speed up transactions between players during gameplay, reducing transaction fees and dealing with network traffic congestion on separate blockchains.

Stockings Going Live

The countdown has begun for users to submit their PKR tokens to Polker.Game’s first live stacking pool. The countdown can be seen here – so don’t forget to keep an eye on it. The sooner you join, the more benefits you will get!

Polker.Game is generously offering প্রথম 100,000 of $ PKR within 3 months for our first pool allocation. The pool lasts for three months and will give everyone a chance to earn PKR by owning PKR – ultimately passive income on those PKR tokens.

Stacking Pool Details:

Assignment: ,000 100,000 PKR (market value number of $ PKR if stacking live) 7

Duration: Three months

Rewards: Prizes will be set in real-time and will increase with each block promoted on the Ethereum blockchain (average block time: 15 seconds). The reward will be proportional to the percentage of the pool that your ‘partnership’ consists of for the duration of the pool.

Like most stacking pools, the APY you get will decrease as TVL (Total Value Locked) increases – basically, the more people join the stacking pool, the more rewards you receive will start to decrease (but don’t stop!). So the sooner you enter, the more you get back!

Tick ​​tock – Watch Countdown Live!

Polker NFT & PKR Giveaway

Polkar recently announced that their native token will go live on September 24, 2021 এই so far they are running a gift of their NFTs, including a ‘hollow ultra-rare’ that has previously sold more than 3.38ETH in the open sea. The competition will continue until PKR stacking is live and detailed information will be available Here.

About Channellink

ChannelLink is the industry standard Oracle network for getting hybrid smart contracts. ChainLink protects decentralized Oracle network developers with the largest collection of high-quality data sources and off-chain computing to expand the power of smart contracts in any blockchain. Operated by a global, decentralized community, ChannelLink currently secures billions of dollars worth of smart contracts in decentralized financing (DFI), insurance, gaming and other key industries.

About Polker.Game is the first play-to-earn poker game powered by $ PKR that uses Unreal Engine 4 for immersive and powerful gameplay. They use a verifiable fair system for truly transparent gameplay. Earn NFT by playing poker and gain the ability to play in tournaments, unlock awesome new animations and backgrounds and expand into polka dot metavars.

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