Please, no more ‘Tiger King’.

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All right. I saw Tiger King Just like everyone else. It was March 2020, the month the world became more familiar with the word Coronavirus, Lockdown, And Yeah, do we need to disinfect this Doritos? It was a vague time, which made it seem like my colleague Kate Nibbs aptly called it a terrifying “emotional show”. It’s not that the world is a dark colorless now, but Netflix has just announced Tiger King 2, And I can’t think of a show that I have less desire to watch.

It’s not that Tiger King Terrible was the fact that as far as documentary filmmaking goes, it had all the right elements – charming characters (especially Joe Exotic and his enemy Carol Baskin), a lot of drama (the world of big cat owners) Wild, Who knew?), And twists the plot enough to fill a Christopher Nolan movie. That’s right Tiger King There was a time and place, and that time and place is gone.

I am not advising that no one will see it. About 64 million families watched Tiger King In the first month of release in 2020. Surely many of those visitors will come back again TK2 Decreases towards the end of this year. And to be honest, it is now compatible with the conditions of unscripted TVs. Sells vulgarity. If you look at the rest of the nonfiction programming Netflix announced yesterday, you can see the pattern clearly. There The Tinder cheater, About a friend who pretended to be billionaire Lothario on a dating app and “the women who went out to get her down”; Don’t trust anyone: The Hunt for the Crypto King, About the investigation into the mysterious death of crypto millionaire Gary Cotton, “a group of investors has become sluggish”; Puppet Master: Ultimate Conman Hunting, Which is a three-part series that is exactly what is meant by its title; And Bad vegan, About a restaurant, who – surprise! It’s three con artists and three victims, each by my reckoning, each promising more chaos than the next.

Probably because of the constant flood of news in the Gabriel Petito case everyone is sitting uncomfortably this week. For those who did not follow, Petito went missing earlier this month when he did not return from a road trip with his fiance Brian Laundry. Soon after, several Internet sluts picked up the case, filling up Petito and Laundry’s Instagram and YouTube feeds, and many tickled FYPs. On Tuesday, authorities confirmed that the remains of Petito were found in Wyoming National Park, which is another cause for concern.

Honestly, this is a story that one would expect to see in a Netflix documentary and all the online detectives that jumped around. Because Those series of conspiracies build around cases like Petito. Sometimes an internet rally can help (see: mostly harmless, or its issues Other Netflix Documents, Do not F ** k with cats), But people are already commenting on social media posts about Petito “things that don’t seem disrespectful, but I can’t wait for the Netflix series”. And, as Joy Reid mentioned on her MSNBC show this week, the focus around her story is perfectly on “Missing White Women Syndrome” – a public attraction that focuses on some missing people but rarely on people of color or trans people or other missing minority groups. . Honestly, everything is a little shaky.

This, to be fair, is not entirely Netflix’s fault. The streaming service will not create all these shows if the viewers do not consume them. Perhaps it’s just uncomfortable that people swallow them Lots. Fascination with the darker aspects of the human psyche is common – and as such SNL Taught us, everyone likes a good “murder ceremony” – but at a certain point, it’s too much. Oklahoma is a thing of being trapped and escaping the world of exotic animal drama in early 2020; The next two years are spent eating hours and hours of artists and cheaters and other methods of content of true crime. The cat has already come out of the bag.

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