Play the word game to deny Fox News and Tucker Carlson Kyle Reitenhaus payments

Fox News denies that they and Tucker Carlson paid for exclusive access to Kyle Retainhouse.


CNN reports:

There is Fox News Not here said in a statement Fox News Channel “Money Carlson Tonight “Paying for anything Access, footage rights, legal Fees His defense attorney informed us The same vein that you heard From the statement of Reitenhaus That clip is what he wants He doesn’t have to do what he did In August 2020, as a result Anthony Huber’s death and Joseph Rosenbaum.

The man behind me, this What’s left of that crowd Just a march almost over Kenosha. They even took a knee Spots where Huber and Rosenbaum Was shot dead. Message from one The speaker was what that was In this judgment, Reitenhaus said Makes it a lot harder This community and this state Healing and empathy Humanity in each other.

Fox News and Tucker Carlson are not denying the actual allegations

Kyle Reitenhaus’s lawyer never said that Fox and Carlson paid his client directly. Here is what he told CNN: “I did not approve of that. I kicked them out of the house Several times. I don’t think the film crew Suitable for anything like This. But people were picking up Pay for specialists And to pay for attorneys Was trying to raise money, and That was part of it. “

The documentary was part of a deal with someone else to get retainhouse experts and cover other costs, so a third party paid the retainhouse and part of the deal was exclusively accessed by Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

Fox News and Carlson did not have to pay Rittenhouse. Someone else paid for them. No matter who the money went through, the deal smells of immorality.

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