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Two of your magic numbers in September, Pisces. The sun is traveling through the most promising parts of your chart, which makes the pair particularly dynamic. Until September 22, El Sol will remain in the Virgin and your partnership territory, while maintaining the balance of your bond and ensuring mutual cooperation and respect. Eliminate any misunderstandings and restore harmony!

During Virgo, the Sun is in the farthest part of the sky from your zodiac, which can make you feel a little tired. Consider that your cosmic clue depends more on the people in your inner circle. Hey, there’s no better way to see who’s back than to reach out to those who are always there for you, right? After September 22, the sun sinks into the cotton and into the intimate waters of the eighth house of your unified mind. Look for ways you can join forces on a more permanent level for business, romance or both!

September 20th Pisces full moon is an exception, a day to put yourself first and shine. Otherwise, there are plenty of good reasons to take a cooler pace. All five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retreating this month, an ideal time to step back and test the big picture rather than run into something very permanent. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and contracts, retreating from September 27th to October 18th, you’ll want time to think about every aspect of the offer before you say yes!

The Sun stays in Virgo until September 22nd

Partner to win, Pisces! September is the month for your dynamic couples as the Sun travels through your opposite sign until September 22nd, then for this period Cotton and your joint venture move to the region. The daughter manages the seventh house of your committed relationship and in the first three weeks of the month, the bond with your inner circle takes the top billing.

Tuesday is busy in the first week of September

Talk about having high demand! In the first half of the month, there is a lot of energy in your interpersonal sector. Mars Virgin and Your Partnership is completing a biennial lap through the region through September 14th. When this happens, your interpersonal connections get a burst of energy and speed increases, which you will experience especially during the first few days of September.

On September 2nd, Pisces will face Mars in contrast to Neptune, which will confuse you and even make you somewhat self-absorbed. Pro Tip: Don’t over-schedule yourself. If you start experimenting with mid-convo, this is your indication that you need some time alone. Even ten or 15 minutes of silence is better than nothing – especially for a sign like yours, which soaks up human emotions like a sponge!

Under a harmonious and lucky September 6 between Powerhouse Mars and Pluto in your interpersonal area, you may be invited to join an influential group such as a networking committee, school council or nonprofit board. If you are in a dilemma, focus on how this position can empower you. Do you have access to key decision makers and powerful players – or the chance to be one yourself? Adjust yourself to the power of this community and use your new influence to make the world a better place.

September 6 Virgin New Moon Strengthens Your Partnership

On 6 September the daughter new moon enters a six-month chapter favorable for dynamic couples. Ready to start anew with the people closest to you? Start this new chapter today. A bright attraction could begin to move in the official direction, which will now and March 2022 be revealed in the full moon of Virgo. Playing with the idea of ​​business collaboration? You can make an offer near this date – or you can make one.

Don’t be surprised if it happens fast! In the new moon, a brilliant planet, a powerful train will be created for Uranus, the creator of fundamental change. One minute you are casual chatting, the next day you are discussing your favorite engagement ring settings or how many kids you want. Things can get unexpectedly fast today, so be prepared for anything!

1 September September Mars enters the zodiac, increases the sexy heat!

Feeling hotter than hot? On September 14, the planet Mars of energy begins its biennial burning through cotton, joining the sun in your transformational and loving eighth house. Until October 30, the red planet will activate powerful forces: money magnetism, sexual temptation and even mental power. Negative side? Mars in your eighth house can radically increase jealousy, obsession and stress. You need to be aware of your reaction, which can be triggered without warning.

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It doesn’t help that Mars is in “loss” to Libra in a weak position. The warrior planet feels a kind of feeling in Cotton, which is a sign of peace and harmony. But if you direct all these “young” energy from the Sun and Mars to mutual benefit, you can increase your reach and make serious progress in the partnership.

September 20 Pisces full moon highlights single success

Get ready: Pisces full moon comes September 20, you and you put the floodlights alone! This lunar eclipse this year is the only one in your sign, and it will be impossible to capture your feelings and excitement, especially about an emotion project. Since the Pisces New Moon six months ago (March 13) you’ve been celebrating something you’ve been working on. Has one of your projects failed to give a return on investment? This may be the day to cut the bait and go to the green pasture (in every sense).

Whatever it is, the next two weeks should be about you, Pisces, and zero guilt about that. If you need to advocate for yourself or promote a passion project, the stars support you. Drop or have a creation debut got a big announcement? Create a viral post and book a venue!

The cotton season starts on September 22

Slip off the grid to revive the sun from September 22nd, when the sun sinks in cotton and your personal, eighth home of recovery. As El Sol heats up this erotic sector, the mind-body-soul connection can turn into an exciting fall romance. Sharing the rules of the eighth house is financial and investment, and over the next four weeks, you can find ways to make your money harder for you.

Mercury 2 Lib September is reversed in Cotton

Mercury – the planet of communication, travel and technology – begins to retreat through the cotton sign from 2 September to 1 October. The backspin of the last Wednesday of 2021 can reveal privacy. Protect your personal data by strengthening weak passwords and protecting sensitive information you don’t want to spread across the web. As retreats bring back the past, an ex can be resurrected and the temptation of this attraction can be difficult to resist. Think twice before sliding into their DMs … or into that familiar sheet. Mercury Retrograde has a fun way to give us nostalgia and memory at the same time!

The partnership heats up in the first half of September as the red-hot Mars daughter and your committed relationship completes a biennial burn through the region. Mars has been here since July 2nd, adding equal amounts of sizzling and stress. Couples may have fought harder over the last few weeks, but putting on make-up was as intense as your fight!

And this month it’s just getting heated. Love planet Venus is steaming windows in cotton and your intimacy, sensuality, sexuality – and any other taste of the mixture (body, soul or both!) Couples should grab emotional scuba gear and plan to dive deeper into perhaps unfamiliar water. Venus leaves Cotton on September 10, but Mars will enter from September 14 to October 30, turning the energy of heat and lust. Beware, though: Mars can also increase greed and ownership in this intense region.

Deal with both lust and confidence during this Mars cycle. You can clear up a misunderstanding, get something out of your chest or talk about the next step. But be open and direct instead of giving passive-aggressive or “bait”. If there is a serious possibility of a match, you want to watch it with due respect. Single? Whether you’re looking for a part-time playmate or soul mate, keep your intentions clear and diligent in your endeavors. A special person may be present during this cycle.

Fortunately, you can balance the intensity with some intensity as Venus will be in Scorpio and your optimistic, open-minded ninth home from September 10th to October 7th. There is a new look in and around the sand. There’s a big world out there, Pisces, and it’s full of interesting people! Single fish can meet someone while traveling, taking classes or doing something outside of your comfort zone. Hooked with pleasure? Use the power of telling the truth of this cycle to discuss a topic that you were hesitant to reveal. The more you listen, the more you should be able to do anything!

Partners for optimal success this month, Pisces! The Sun and the planets are both traveling through Virgo and Cotton, your dynamic twins and two sectors of joint venture. Working with high-integrity people whose skills and strengths complement you can help you move forward faster. But don’t let anyone in your inner circle! Screen all competitors with extreme care, especially since Mercury 2 September is retreating for three weeks. While you’re at it, strengthen your passwords and try to diversify your finances through a variety of investments, even if you start out really small. Removing a few dollars per week or adding a significant nest egg in a few years. On September 20, the single and only Purnima of the year brings you into the spotlight for solo performances and well-earned accolades. This one day you can go ahead and take a bow. Of course you will thank your team, but they will also thank you and give you the hard earned credit you deserve!

Valentine’s Day: 2 ,,.

Money days: 13, 21

Destiny Day: 11, 19

Off Day: 4, 8

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