Philippine Nobel laureate Ressa calls Facebook ‘biased against the truth’


© Reuters File Photo: Maria Resa, CEO and executive editor of Radhapler, was taken away by police on March 2, 2011 after being granted bail in the Pasig Regional Court in Pasig City, Philippines. Reuters / Elosa Lopez / File photo


By Karen Lema

MANILA (Reuters) – Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Resa has used her new dominance to criticize Facebook (NASDAQ 🙂 as a threat to democracy, saying the social media giant has failed to protect against the spread of hatred and propaganda and is “biased against the truth”.

The veteran journalist and head of the Philippine news site, Reppler, told Reuters in an interview after winning the award that Facebook’s algorithm “prioritizes spreading lies with anger and hatred over the truth.”

His comments add to the recent pressure level on Facebook, which has been used by more than 3 billion people, turning a former employee into a whistle blower hearing -2021-10-0 hate Allegations of increasing profits in order to prevent hate speech and misinformation. Facebook denies any wrongdoing.

Asked about the racer’s comments, a Facebook spokesperson said the social media giant is continuing to invest heavily in removing and reducing the visibility of harmful content.

The spokesman added, “We believe in the freedom of the press and support them as news organizations and journalists around the world continue their important work.”

Resa Nobel shared / world / philippines-journalist-ressa-russian-journalist-muratov-win-2021-nobel-peace-2021-10-08 with Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov -Muratov-Dedicated-Nobel-Prize-Employee-Murder-Their-Work-2021-10-08 On Friday, the committee fired a free speech around the world to express anger and resentment at the leaders of the Philippines and Russia for expressing corruption and tyranny.

Resa said Facebook has become the world’s largest news distributor and “yet it is biased against the truth, it is biased against journalism”.

“If you don’t have the truth, you can’t have the truth, you can’t believe it. If you don’t have any of these, you don’t have democracy,” he said. “Other than that, if you don’t have the information, you don’t have a real reality, so you can’t solve the existing problem of climate, coronavirus.”

Resa was the target of intense social-media hate speech from supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte, which he said undermined his and Rappler’s credibility.

Election ‘a battle for facts’

“These online attacks have a purpose on social media, they have been targeted, they have been used as weapons,” said the former CNN reporter.

The reporter’s report includes a close look at Duterte’s deadly war on drugs, using bloggers’ salaries to provoke resentment among online supporters who threaten and defame Duterte’s critics.

Duterte did not comment on the racer award. The presidential palace, Duterte’s spokesman, his chief legal adviser and the communications office did not respond to requests for comment from Reuters.

In March 2019, Facebook removed an online network in the Philippines for “integrated inhumane behavior”, and linked it to a businessman who Earlier, he said he had helped run the president’s social media election campaign in 2001.

According to a 2021 study by social media management firms, Filipinos are at the top of the world at report time spent on social media.

Platforms like Facebook have become a political battleground and have helped strengthen Duterte’s support base, which was instrumental in his election victory in 2016 and the defeat of his allies in the midterm elections last year.

An election will be held in May in the Philippines to select Duterte’s successor No.

Resa said that campaign would be a “fight for truth”. “We are going to make sure that our public sees and understands events. We will not be harassed or intimidated in silence.”

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