Peter Ducie tried to blame Biden for the supply chain problem, but Jane Saki confirmed that he had failed.

Peter Ducie of Fox News tried to blame President Biden for the supply chain failure, but Jane Saki was ready for it.


Dusi asked, “First, in economics, half a million In floating containers Along the coast of California Don’t go anywhere. The major problem worldwide Now the supply chain. The The vice president warned, it could happen Will happen in August, why not More done to prepare?

Shortly afterwards, White House Press Secretary Psaki replied:

W.I have been Talking about it from January, The President has placed in one place Taskforce and has adopted a range Steps to work to address. It’s not just to be sure That we have differences Companies talk to each other, We did it, we became one Forums for hosting different Industry leaders see what we do Reduces in terms of red ribbon Process.

One of the biggest problems is Covid and true Covid Continued as a threat The supply chain that is happening Globally, we have worked to stay on the sidelines Far and away the biggest provider Vaccine Production capacity Earth We’ve been talking since January And working to establish a A range of steps to help address Challenges in delivery Chain

The Blame Biden game was not working.

Fox News’ default position is blamed on the president when a Democrat is in the Oval Office, but in this case, he didn’t pay attention to the press briefing that Peter Dusi attended, or he didn’t pay attention.

Jane Saki is an expert in keeping Fox News talking points out of press briefings. He was able to use Duchess’s question to interpret and propagate President Biden’s record.

Psaki Doocy looks like she’s not paying attention, and in the process, Fox News has faced another propaganda attack.

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