Pete Batigieg has dropped Tucker Carlson for a parental holiday smear

Transportation Second Pete Batigieg fired Tucker Carlson for spreading homophobic smears about his parents’ vacation.


Batigieg told MSNBC Deadline: The White House:

See, in his case, I guess he is Just don’t understand The idea of ​​bottle feeding, let’s face it The only concept of fatherhood Leave but what is really strange What it is, you know, from it One aspect of the corridor that was used Claim the entity to stay Family supporter. All we have now is one Administration which actually Family supporter, and I am blessed Be able to experience that as a Employees, being able to stay Flexibility to take care of us Newborn baby, by which Way, work. It is a work of joy. It works great. But it certainly works.

And we, as a society, I think, Start doing a good job Recognition is that parenting Work, that service is work, And it supports such, which Of course, why president Offered family vacation For all Americans, some Most Americans already believe Which we should and Something that is most Developed countries are fairly Grant it.

Nicole Wallace followed and asked the second. Where did Batigieg get these smears from, and he replied, “Look, this attack is coming From a guy who hasn’t had to do it yet Explain its apparent approval For the murder of Harvey M.Elk, so obviously we know There are some dark places In this comes some attitude From But I also notice this Does not speak for the country. I don’t think that even speaks On the other hand for most people Next to Isle from the party That I belong to. It’s basically a sensation The problem is, not just a support There is a family like mine The right to marry and the right to stay Treated equally, but Family, mother in general and Dad, should be able to Support their children, Including paid family Leave “

Tucker Carlson never responded to the approval of Harva Milk’s murder. The Secretary cannot directly say that these attacks are homophobic.

The attack on Pete Batigieg is not a disagreement over family leave policy or supply chain issues.

There is a lot of darkness in the workplace in these attacks. It’s homophobia and going to the ugliest place on the far right that might make you think of cheating on a popular member of the Biden administration, but all that the Republican Party has left is a bad culture war.

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