Pence Biden warns of consequences: ‘Weakness awakens evil’

Former Vice President Mike Pence called on President Joe Biden and his administration to engage with weak leadership on a global stage, warning that his position would encourage worse behavior from America’s enemies.

Pence told “Hannity” that the catastrophic withdrawal of the Biden administration from Afghanistan was the worst foreign policy defeat since Democratic President Jimmy Carter took over the Iranian hostage crisis.

“It never happened,” Pence said of Biden’s Afghan crisis.

“The agreement that our administration reached actually expired in February 2020, just weeks after President Trump ordered the expulsion of Qasim Solaimani. It came just months after ISIS eliminated the caliphate and removed Abu Bakr. Al-Baghdadi.”

Pence said he was in the room when Trump warned Taliban leader Abdul Baradar of dire consequences if Americans were harmed in Afghanistan – and the elder’s voice denied that he understood what the Palm Beach Republican meant.

“We have spent 18 months in Afghanistan without a single American casualty,” he said.

“Weakness awakens evil, Shawn, and there is no question that the weakness is proven by the Biden administration – I would say when they were silent when thousands of rockets rained down on our cherished ally Israel from Hamas – sending signals to Afghanistan that we would not respond.”

Pence, a former Indiana governor and congressman, said he recently spent time with the family of colleague Humberto Sanchez, a local in the state of Houssain – one of 13 U.S. military personnel killed in a suicide bombing during Biden’s withdrawal.

Pence added that Biden’s weakness on the world stage is unreasonably contradicted by the “heavy hand” regime towards American citizens.

“We have a president who is weak abroad but very pleased to give a speech to the American people about the vaccine mandate,” he said. In the history of the country “through Congress.

“We have to dig in, tell the story of what they are doing. I really believe that the voice of the American people can bring back this huge government socialist bill. I am doing my best,” he said.

Pence also commented on the ongoing speculation about his relationship with Trump during his interview, when the vice president was presiding over the U.S. Senate after disagreements over the certification of election results.

“You can’t spend nearly five years in a political foxhole with anyone without building a strong relationship,” he said.

“January was a tragic day in the history of our country. But thanks to the efforts of Capitol Hill police, federal officials, Capitol was safe and we finished our work. The president and I sat down a few days later and talked I can tell you that at the end of the administration we We parted ways friendly and we both talked a lot since leaving office. “

Pence said he and Trump are focused on the mid-2022 period, as well as competition like Glenn Yankin’s governor bid in Virginia.

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He said the media was trying to use the relationship between him and Trump as a ploy to distract from Biden’s failure, as well as to insult the character and intentions of “74 million Americans who believed we could be strong and prosperous again and support our administration.” In 2016 and 2020. “

“For our part, I really believe that we should all be fully focused on the future. This is where I focus.”

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