Pelosi’s spokesman and priest denying speaker Heckled in public in Rome (video may oppose May’s claim)

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the House’s infamous Prothom Catholic speaker, fled a public meeting at a Roman Catholic church on Saturday after a separate meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. The priest presided over the crowd, saying that there was a noise from the altar and that Pelosi had left because of “security problems.” A parishioner gave tips to Epoch Times Rome reporter Brie A. Dale, claiming that Pelosi was raped. On Sunday, a spokesman for Pelosi denied that he had been hacked, saying Pelosi had left the crowd out of concern for Italian security agents in protest of the anti-Kovid order some distance away. The priest denied any violence in a statement to the Washington Post. However, a closer look at the service church’s Facebook video reveals that a woman’s voice could be heard as the priest announced the presence of Pelosi and her husband. What the woman was saying could not be separated.

Dial’s original report, “Rome: Speaker Pelosi hacked at St. Patrick’s Catholic American Parish in Rome, abruptly abandoning the month he was attending.” Paulist Fr. Leave the speaker. “

A statement from Pelosi spokesman Drew Hamil, who followed Dale:

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“There was no hacking. An incomplete anti-Waxer protest prompted security officials to be cautious. Check out the actual journalism coverage of the protest from Reuters: “

Dale, “Hi, Drew. I reported in near real time, with the text of a parishioner. It’s interesting that you’re all telling this story right now. How did the protest a few miles away from the church raise security concerns? , Often in DC?

Dale posted a map showing that the church was a few miles from the protest site.

Hamill stepped back and said, “I’m sorry you were a bad source. Italian security officials have decided here. In DC we have part of our protest partners and our reporters with bad sources who tweet before confirming what they hear. Do better next time. ”

Dale replied, “Drew, would you comment on the ‘incident’? It’s bad PR at the end of your office, when you have a security incident that must remove the speaker from worship. Any security incident that threatens the church Mentioned a few miles away from him?

Dale said in a screenshot of the tip that Pelosi was kicked out of the crowd, “Hi, Drew. Glad to update with your statement and that WashingtonPost priest’s interview, but as my tweet explicitly says,” so-called “” sure. ” No. Previously posted, with references from mass sources, yesterday. 2h hours is too much time to reply. “

The Washington Post reporter Chico Harlan made no comment from the priest, “But in the meantime, Pelosi’s office says there was no hacking, and that the decision was made by Italian security officials.” Also, I’m just Fr. Talked to him. Priest Petrof in the video. “Absolutely not. ছিল There was no healing.” Here’s what he told me: “

Mass video:

At seven minutes the priest introduces Pelosi and her husband. A woman’s raised voice can be heard in the background, and then a few seconds later a slang sound is heard because the priest clearly sees the direction of Pelosi.

The ten minutes between the priest takes a double time, looks anxiously, puts on his mask, leaves the altar, and then returns a minute later.

At 21:30 the priest announced that Pelosi had left “because of security concerns”.

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