Pelosi gave the warring Democrats another month to negotiate a spending deal

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Nancy Pelosi has allowed her warring parties to pass another ড 1.20 billion infrastructure bill after the party failed to reach an agreement on Joe Biden’s spending plan despite a week of heated discussions on Capitol Hill.

The Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives wrote a letter to colleagues in the Democratic Congress on Saturday morning urging them to pass a bipartisan bill that is central to the U.S. president’s legal program.

Members of the House passed an emergency measure on Friday to continue funding for the Federal Road Program for another 10 days. Measure, the move to prevent the immediate expulsion of 500 federal transport workers was due to be put to a vote in the Senate on Saturday.

But Democrats have yet to agree on whether a larger infrastructure measure will be passed – Pelosi said Saturday he wanted it to happen before the end of the month.

“The Surface Transportation Authorization deadline is October 1, after last night’s 300-day critical period,” he wrote. “We must pass [infrastructure bill] Better yet – get a job there as soon as possible. ”

Joe Biden has placed a separate 3.5tn package to increase social welfare spending, as well as an infrastructure bill at the center of his internal program, which Republicans are opposed to but can only pass with Democratic support.

The party’s progressives say they won’t pass the infrastructure measure without passing big spending bills. But more conservative Democrats in the Senate say they won’t support such extra spending, and want to move forward with the infrastructure package.

Biden visited Capitol Hill on Friday in an attempt to reach a compromise between the two sides. At the end of the day, he and Pelosi decided not to vote on the infrastructure bill without an agreement on a larger spending package, which Biden acknowledged would have to come down in size.

The decision to tie the vote on the two measures marked a victory for his party’s left, which insisted on passing the two bills together and faced outrage from the right.

In the midst of two moderate swing votes in the Senate, Kirsten Cinema called the move “unforgivable and deeply disappointing.”

He added in a statement on Saturday: “This year, democratic leaders have made contradictory promises that cannot be kept at all – and sometimes pretend that disagreements do not exist within our party, even when disagreements have been repeatedly made clear directly and publicly.

His comments were reflected on Friday by Democratic Representative Josh Goethemer from New Jersey. Goethemer said in a statement: “A small left-wing faction in the House of Representatives has undermined that agreement and blocked a critical vote on the president’s historic historic bilateral infrastructure bill.”

Biden tried to cool the tension in his own team on Saturday. “Everyone is disappointed. It’s part of being in government – to be frustrated.

Referring to himself in the third person, he added: “Biden is going to work like hell to make sure we pass these two and I think we will pass them.”

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