Peloponne’s January committee subpennas four Trump aides

The Democrat-led Select Committee to Investigate the January-January Capital Riots issued subpena to four former aides to President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Those who received subpen for documents and testimony include former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadow, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, former communications officer Dan Scavino and former defense official Kash Patel.

What motivated this move?

The four “committed the crime of communicating or (communicating) with the White House on or after the January 6 uprising.”

In a statement announcing the subpainer, Rep. Benny Thompson (D-MS) claimed that they were simply following the truth.

“The select committee is investigating the incident, situation and causes of the January 6 attack and issues related to the peaceful transfer of power, to identify and evaluate the lessons learned and to recommend amendments to the House and its relevant committees, policies, procedures, rules or regulations, Thompson wrote.

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Subpenas for Trump staff

Committee member Adam Schiff (D-CA) has warned that Trump’s allies who do not comply with the subpoena will be guilty of “criminal contempt.”

“We may now have additional tools that we have not done before, including a judiciary, that may be willing to commit criminal offenses when people deliberately disobey the mandatory procedure,” he said.

Law analyst Elliott Williams suggested that the speed at which the January committee is moving is a sign that they are very serious.

He tweeted, “Fast subpeners like this are a sign that they’re not making noise.”

The politics of the moment, however, cannot be ignored: Democrats face the prospect of bloodshed in the mid-2022 election, already making the trend of voting for Republicans, an unpopular Democrat president, and the White House worse on a daily basis.

“If the Democrats lose control of the House, the election committee will probably be in danger,” Axios wrote.

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Trump has vowed to fight

In a statement issued on Thursday evening, the former president vowed to fight any sub-opposition that came out of the “election committee” on January 6.

“We will fight subpainers on executive privileges and other grounds for the good of our country, while we wait to see if they will be sent to Antifa and the BLM for their deaths and destruction,” Trump wrote. .

The committee, led by Thompson and Vice-Chairman Liz Cheney (RWY), advised telecom companies in August to keep phone records of some individuals, including lawmakers and possibly members of President Trump’s family.

The request called on federal agencies to “return all documents and communications related to the Fifteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.”

In addition, the select committee “requested the release of all documents and communications related to Donald Trump’s mental stability or his fitness for office.”

Republican lawmakers turned the tables in letters to various telecommunications and social media companies, saying that if those companies provided Democrats with Republicans ‘phone records, they would have to provide Republicans with Democrats’ phone records.

Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) criticized the select committee, saying their recent activities showed that their efforts were “more about politics than anything else”.

“This committee should really look at only two questions: why was Capital so poorly prepared, and how can we be sure that it will never happen again?” McCarthy says.

“But they’re not focusing on that.”

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