Patrick Mahomes is no longer the greatest

Patrick Mahomes didn’t start great.
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The biggest myth in the NFL is Patrick Mahoms’ best quarterback in the league.

This is no longer true.

In no way is this an attempt to ignore or degrade the start of his NFL career. After his second full year with the Kansas City Chiefs, he had a league MVP and won a Super Bowl.

But here and now, there are at least four more quarterbacks in the AFC, forget the whole NFL, who are playing in a better position and you will keep them in the center rather than the mahogany.

You might want to start with Baltimore Revenge QB Lamar Jackson, who made an epic comeback against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night.

At one point in the third quarter, the Ravens were down 22-3. But Jackson is the career best at the yard pass with 442 yards, he throws four touchdowns and no picks and completes a ridiculous 86 percent of his passes. A few weeks ago, he, too, jumped back and surprised the Chiefs by being late for an impossible victory.

You’ll take Buffalo’s Josh Allen, whose team has outscored 156-41 in the last four games. And we can’t forget Los Angeles Chargers Justin Herbert, who is doing five touchdown performances to beat the Cleveland Browns. In his last three games, Herbert has thrown 11 TDs.

At the moment, these guys are playing better than Mahoms.

And it’s not just a hot take or an eye test thing. The numbers tell you the same.

On Sunday, everyone wanted to see in the primetime matchup একটি a reunion of the AFC Championship against Buffalo Bills in Kansas City মাহ Mahoms and Chiefs ste0-0.

It was no push that Buffalo picked up the point. The Bills have a high-powered offense and the Chiefs ’defense is quite lame.

Still, Mahoms played badly in the big game.

Three of Mahoms Chief’s four turnovers (two hurdles and one lost fumble). He has played only five matches this year and has already had as many interruptions as he did last season (six) and one more interruption compared to 2019 (five).

Mahoms is currently in motion for 20 INT; His career is high 12 in 2018.

Worse, Mahoms has now dropped 13 INTs and his last 14 games, including the postseason.

This is not a summary. It was actually a trend. Mahoms tries to be indifferent to football, very clever and eventually it gets caught up in him.

“It started with me,” Mahoms said Media after the game. “It’s something I haven’t usually done in my career, but I have to re-evaluate where I am, what I’m deciding.

“I’m not as crazy as I used to be. But in my career, I’ve never been one that stands in the way. I need to see it now, re-evaluate what I’m doing and I need to cut it out. ”

Early in his career, Mahoms threw a lot of risky passes, some that were missed and not caught in the hands of the defense. Indeed, last season, Mahoms finished second in the big-time throw (50), but the end of the year was also in the top three in the turnover-worthy play (23). But he had only eight actual transactions last season.

Looks like his risky game has caught up with him. It’s hard to win when you turn the ball around a lot. In fact, Chiffra is tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars for 11 of the NFL’s highest turnovers.

Sure, many want to blame it just for the sake of defense. It’s very simple. Also, when the quarterback turns the ball, it often puts the defense in a bad position and often leads to the other team scoring.

There has been no permanent change of guard for the best QB title, but the former NFL player, Scout, And current NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks said he would take Herbert if he could take a quarterback right now. “I don’t know who is playing better than Justin Herbert,” he said. “I really don’t.”

Two years ago, the idea that anyone in football would see Mahoms and another quarterback would be ridiculous.

No more. Mahoms is not the best quarterback now. Face it.

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