‘Passing’ Netflix movie release date, cast, trailer, news and spoiler

Upcoming Netflix film, adapted from Nela Larsen’s landmark novel 1929 Passed It’s about presentation as much as it’s about internality. The movie is a perfect illustration, yet ruthlessly black and white follows two childhood friends named Claire (Ruth Nega) and Irene (Tessa Thompson), both black women of mixed descent who can “pass” as white, as they reunite in Manhattan. , Almost Harlem Renaissance. They seem determined to continue their affectionate friendship until Irene finds out that Claire has decided to hide her heritage and present herself as a white woman. (She is also married to a white man.) Irene, on the other hand, lives in Harlem with her husband and boys as a colorful woman, and she finds the clarity with which Claire has made her identity magnet and unstable. The fact that this choice exists – and the contradictions inherent in it – clarifies the central conflict of fillers as Claire penetrates deep into Irene’s life and psyche.

In the capable hands of first-time director Rebecca Hall, whose family is a mixed race, the film has already received quite good reviews from its first screening at the Sundance Film Festival. Author Candice Frederick called it “a sophisticated story that resonates almost a century after it was first told,” while Atlantic Author David Sims called it “a precise and confident work from the hall.” Below is what we know about the release of movies and streaming giants.

Who is acting?

In addition to Thompson and Nega, the cast includes Andre Holland, Bill Camp, Gbenga Akinagbe and Antonet Cro-Legacy, as well as Alexander Scarsgard as Claire’s husband.

When will Passed Come out?

The film will premiere in select theaters on October 2 before its debut on Netflix on November 10.

Have a trailer?

In bright rooms with the roar of the roaring twenties, Thompson and Nega reunite. In the background of the two-minute trailer, Thomson thinks of Mountain as a ghostly piano. Watch the full video below.

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