Partners with ACES, the leading baseball agency to create Maxim Magazine’s Official NFT Marketplace, MaximNFT, Athlete NFT

Nasdaq-listed engineering company ZK International (ZKIN) is proud to announce a partnership between their blockchain-based subsidiary to launch NFT on behalf of their athletes using MaximNFT and SES, a leading American baseball company. Formed in partnership between XSigma and Maxim Magazine, MaximNFT is a new marketplace for buying, selling and creating new non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can find the platform’s website at

Under the recent agreement of MaximNFT, ACES athletes will be represented on their platform through the power of NFT. ACES is a Brooklyn-based agency that represents Baseball’s top talent. Forbes ranked their co-owners Sam and Seth Levinson as the ten most powerful agents, while their sports were ranked as the three most powerful. ACES has represented baseball professionals for over 30 years at various points in their careers and negotiated contracts worth more than 4 4 billion.

ACES will work closely with the xSigma team owners and operators of the MaximNFT platform to develop and launch these NFTs. xSigma is a blockchain R&D lab featuring former developers from top companies like Google and Amazon. They will provide creative and technical support to their experienced engineering team to help the agency navigate the novel and ever-changing NFT space.

“This is a serious step and a great partnership for MaximNFT.” MaximNFT CEO John Orlando said. “ACES is one of the strongest baseball agencies and we look forward to revolutionizing the sporting industry together.”

Peter Pedalino, principal of ACES, feels equally excited about the opportunity the NFT can present to its agency.

“The NFT industry is definitely going to be a major component of the future of the sports collectible space. We want to lead this evolution, and we are happy to have the support of MaximNFT’s team along the way.”

MaximNFT will go live with a special NFT suite featuring top celebrities, brands and athletes on this shelf. The collection will create a suitable thematic combination with the platform’s brand and promoter, Maxim Magazine. Maxim is a 25-year-old global men’s lifestyle magazine that covers cars, travel, wine, fashion, entertainment and the latest in beautiful women. The publication will be used by millions of readers in 75 countries to promote and its unique digital collection.


MaximNFT is an innovative new NFT marketplace for buying, selling and creating NFT. It provides a unique digital collectibility of high-profile brands and statistics and is supported by the NFT trading feature never seen before. One of these features is known as “NFT Tokenization” which allows users to divide otherwise unique digital collectibles into fractions and share them within the NFT community.

Buying and selling NFTs with MaximNFT can be exchanged on multiple top blockchains, including (but not limited to) Polcadot, Etherium and Beyonc স্ম smart chains. Combining xSigma’s masterful engineering with the promotional power of Maxim Magazine, MaximNFT is poised to make a significant name for itself in the growing NFT market, which has accumulated billions of dollars in transactions in 2021.

The marketplace will have a special focus on celebrity, sports and gaming-themed digital collectibles. Predicting the rise of NFT adoption in the gaming industry, X Sigma has already planned to develop AR and VR compatible NFT.

About XSigma

xSigma was established in 2018 as the blockchain research and development arm of ZK International (Nasdaq: ZKIN), which found solutions to real-world infrastructural problems and assisted in supply-chain management. Today, however, xSigma has moved toward developing independent DeFi, stable, NFT, and DEX products. With an elite development team consisting of former members of Google, Facebook and RipLab, their goal today is to create financial tools that help enrich the DFI industry.

About Maxim

Maxim is a 25 year old world famous men’s lifestyle magazine. They provide car, travel, and women-covered content, and cover their list of A-list female celebrities, including Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Shakira, Beyonce, and more. Maxim’s print, social and digital media outlets read more than 10 million men’s magazines every month in 75 countries.

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