Panicked Kevin McCarthy refused to answer when asked how he would respond to the 1/6 committee subpoena

Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declined to comment on how he would respond to the docked and dodged and 1/6 committee subpoenas.


McCarthy replied,I didn’t get any Advice, but this is going Show it’s more about politics More than anything else. They have two questions Should see, why cThe epithelium was so badly prepared, and How can we make it, so never Happens again. “

Kevin McCarthy was trying to blame Nancy Pelosi for the 1/6 attack. This is a lie that the House minority leader has been pressuring for months.

The way to ensure that the Capitol will never be attacked again is to investigate Republicans in Congress who are suspected of having attacked the Capitol to overthrow the election.

Representative McCarthy is clearly scared. If he had nothing to hide, he would say that he would abide by the possible subpona. It’s almost certain that McCarthy is going to be the captain. He will probably try to sue for summons.

McCarthy has relevant information for the 1/6 committee, and he won’t be able to keep Trump’s dirty 1/6 secret forever.

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