Padres nominates Jake Arietta for appointment

Padres announced that they had nominated Jack Arietta for the job. This step activates the reliever and clears the 40-man roster space Javy Guerra, who has been reinstated from the 0-day injured list.

It proved to be a very short run in San Diego for Ariator. Released by the Cubs in mid-August, the former Sai Young Award winner met in San Diego a few days later. The 35-year-old struggled vigorously on his way back to Chicago, working out 86 1/3 innings of 6.88 ERA balls with the Cubs. Friars, with a few key hullers to start pitching depths thin and to deal with injuries, brought Arieta a few twists through their rotation in the hope that she could have more success in a new environment.

In the end it didn’t prove that Arieta posted even worse results in her brief appearance as Padre. He threw 12 1/3 innings in four starts, halted due to a hamstring strain. He was tagged sixteen runs (fifteen earned) at a time when his already weak strikeouts and swing strike rate were even lower than his time with his kids.

There have now been three seasons of subpar performance for Ariator, who was one of the best handful of pitchers in the sport. Wright re-worked the sub-4.00 ERA ball in consecutive seasons from 2014-18, including 2.53 in 2014 and a sterling 1.77 mark in his Sai Young winning 2015 campaign. It has climbed steadily from 4.64 to 5.08 to 7.39 in the last three years, however, Arietta has become the least effective pitcher of the lost bat game when its speed has slowed.

Arieta will almost certainly arrive at the free agency in the next few days, either by release or by rejection of the entire assignment. In all likelihood, today’s title will end his 2021 campaign. In light of his notable recent struggles, he will have to settle for a minor league deal to return to a major league roster this winter.

Injuries that prompted Padres to sign Arieta have intensified in just a few weeks. They came down to U Darvish, Joe Musgrove and the recently signed Vince Velasquez. As a conventional rotation option with Chris Paddock and Blake Snail Currently on the 10-day list of injured. It looks like they’ll be handling a handful of bullpen games in the last few weeks of the season as they try to bounce back from a four-game deficit in the National League’s final wildcard race.

Guerra has not played in all seasons due to UCL problems. Former infielder, hard-thrower Wright was converted to Mound in 2019. In 22 MLB innings, he owned an 8.18 ERA with an average strikeout rate of 17.5% but a 50% ground-ball percentage.

Although the Gerrard have yet to find much major league success, the Padres are clearly interested in his arsenal. The 25-year-old had an average of 98 mph at his sinker last season, which makes it easy to imagine him as a grounding expert outside of Bullpen. Due to his first career as a position player, Guerra has finished his three minor league options years. It has no choice but to carry Padres on the active roster or risk his release. Apparently they are determined to keep him with the main league team, and he wants to see some steps as part of the aforementioned bullpen-heavy callus that the Padres need to expand.

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