Padres Fernando Tatis Jr. starts home run out outside Dodger Stadium

Read the above again.  3

Read the above again. 3
Screenshot: MLB; Illustration

We have addressed Cubs buffoonery This morning, so lLearn about field issues – In particular, Fernando Tatis Jr. is turning a baseball into a rock of the moon.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Statcast said it went 467 feet, which would make the Tatis about 200 feet shorter.

“It was run into a monster house,” Ha-Seong Kim of Padres told reporters during the nd2nd bombing of Tatis on Thursday night. “This is my 42nd time to see it. But it still surprises me every time.”

Here is a short list of players who hit the ball outside Dodger Stadium: Tatis, Giancarlo Stanton, Mark McGuire, Mike Piazza and Willie Stargel (twice). For those who don’t know, Dodger Stadium opened in 1962, 59 years ago.

“Everyone was in a kind of push,” said Jace Tingler, Padres manager of Tatis’ second-longest home run of his career. No. ”

It is frustrating for Padres that the space / time sequence will not count for anything other than such tear highlights, such as po.ds was good on their way Losing another to the Dodgers. This is when Vince Velasquez has to start all over again because all your other starters are now in addition to “The Walking Dead”.

But Tatis is not going anywhere, and when spring training turns around in February, you would most likely say that Padres will be the closest rival to the Dodgers. There are many more returns that can’t hurt or hurt again. And maybe next time Tatis Jr. hits one in Nornia, it will be part of a reel of a memorable season for San Diego.

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