Packers and Saints are becoming prone to Week 3, not Chiefs and Steelers

Packers vs. 49ers

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Aaron Rogers and Davante Adams have saved the day again for the Packers.

In a great game on Sunday night, Jimmy Garoppolo took the 49ers down the field and scored a touchdown goal to take the lead in less than a minute. However, they left too much time for Rogers, who made a few passes to Adams in the middle of the field. This allows Mason Crossby to kick the 51-yard game-winner and the cheeseheads Steal this game.

Going to San Francisco and beating a good 49ers team is nothing short of ridiculous. For a team that looked worse than the shopping addict’s credit score at Week 1, Packers They have come back to prove that it is as valid as possible

Green Bay Now one can be invited as the main one in the conversation NFC rival. Rogers will play and Adams will play too. If both can stay healthy, they will always give them Team Chances of winning. Not to mention Aaron Jones, Of which A matchup to defend a versatile opponent outside the backfield would be a two night dream.

If the Packers d Can play well Enough to get Important stop Or say Timely turnover When the pace of the game needs to change, they will be able to create opponents Sweat more than Michael Irwin under the studio lights.

For 49 years, the NFC West will make the path to prosperity extremely difficult. But they are a good team, and They will There is something to talk about this season. I don’t know if they’re dynamic enough with Garoppolo, they can beat the rest of the quarterbacks, who have very good talent around them.

Don’t get me wrong, Garoppolo wasn’t bad last night. In this league, in contrast to the quarterback percent of the league, if you score a touchdown with seconds, everything solidifies the victory. But sadly with Garoppolo, this is where he is at the core of his career. He has to prove that he can beat 10 percent of the boys who can win a match in such a situation, And 90 percent of those who can’t. When you look at it logically it seems like a crazy thing to say, But that’s Jimmy G’s reality and it’s reality for the 49ers.

The Packers will have a higher ceiling to go than the 49ers, but both of these will be good teams who will have a chance to run in the playoffs.

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