Overcome the fuel crisis with a SORN!

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Many of us have questioned how many car rides we really needed during the energy crisis. Lack of petrol and diesel has forced us to at least consider walking, cycling or public transport.

Fuel shortages are not the only problem. Fuel prices are close to the all-time high. If Using your car is not essential, creating a valid off-road notification (SORN) can be an effective way to avoid the stress and expense of the energy crisis.

Why a SORN can help you save money during an energy crisis

You may not be ready to get rid of your car yet. But a SORN allows you to experiment with management without it and save money at the same time.

A SORN means you can keep your car off the road without paying taxes or insurance, so you can save more money than just fuel. Even if you pay in advance for them, you can get back partial tax and insurance.

During a fuel crisis a family of two can travel less separately for just one vehicle. They will then have only one tank of fuel to think about.

Some car owners may still prefer to insure their car against theft or loss while the road is closed.

How to create a SORN

It’s free to create a SORN. There are some websites that will arrange this for you for a fee, but it is completely unnecessary. The process is very simple:

  1. Set up a place to keep your vehicle off the road. This could be a garage or off-street parking, for example on the driveway or on private land. If you have nowhere to put the car on your own property, try someone else, if they agree.
  2. Find your car log book or V11 tax reminder.
  3. Apply online, or call 0300 123 432. You can also apply by post.
  4. Always keep your car off the road during the SORN period. Otherwise, you could face hefty fines for driving without tax or insurance.
  5. Cancel your car insurance. DVLA will cancel direct debit for vehicle tax.

A SORN may start immediately, or on the first day of the next month, and may last as long as it is convenient for you. If you want to reuse your car, you will have to pay tax on it when you cancel the SORN. To get the best possible deal you need to compare car insurance quotes.

The advantage of a SORN during an energy crisis

Not only will you save money but you will also benefit the environment if you don’t drive in times of energy crisis. In addition, those who really want to use their car will find smaller rows at the pump.

Using low-cost transportation during an energy crisis will allow you to put extra money into a savings account, pay off some credit card clearance, or pay for different expenses. You could even start saving on the cost of an electric car.

If you are facing temporary financial problems over the energy crisis, SORN is one way to survive without taking drastic steps to sell your car.

Many people make a SORN for their car because they do not have immediate funds to repair it. A few months off the road can pay to fix your car.

Education from the energy crisis

Getting a SORN out, even for a short time, can help reduce vehicle use, fuel crisis or not.

We all know that walking and cycling improve health for those who are able. A good way to get used to buses and trains is when public transport is a viable option, and it is cheaper than using a car and parking.

With a SORN you are more likely to stick to a resolution to operate without a car. If that doesn’t work, you can tax and insure your car again and cancel the SORN.

Saving with a SORN

To use Budgeting app, Or notebooks and pens to add how much you spend on alternative transport during SORN. Then compare these costs with all the costs associated with keeping your car.

You may be surprised at the savings you have made during an energy crisis and leave the car for good.

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