Orlando Real Estate Market: What Investors Should Know

Real estate can be a roller coaster, especially for investors. Having the right agent for the trip makes all the difference between a deal that makes you high and a deal that makes you sick.

In the Orlando area of ​​Florida, investors can count Tyler Gibson as a real estate agent that makes every experience enjoyable. As an investor, Gibson is always ready to navigate the twists and turns of Central Florida real estate with his hands, so to speak.

Learn more about the thrilling Orlando investment scene in Gibson’s own words.

My real estate background

I am a relatively new real estate agent here in Orlando, but I myself have been investing in real estate for over seven years. My first experience in the investment market has helped shape my career as an agent. I was recently nominated for the Top 20 under-20s. Although I would work with anyone who wanted to buy or sell, my business focus was on investors and investment-minded people.

New! Investor friendly agent in Orlando

Regardless of your investment experience or wherever you want to invest, contact a local agent who knows the market inside and out and can evaluate features from an investor perspective. Here’s how Bigger Pocket’s Agent Marketplace works:

  1. Choose your market
  2. Share your investment criteria
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What makes the Orlando market unique?

The Orlando market is unique because of its diverse investment opportunities. Long-term rent is a solid investment, but short-term rent is also an excellent option.

Additionally, there are many third markets within an hour’s drive, which can often give investors the opportunity to find higher cash flows.

What can investors expect in Orlando right now?

The Orlando market is now challenging due to rising prices. But the appreciation we’ve seen in recent years isn’t diminishing, and there’s a demand for rent through the roof. A fine deal this year will turn into a big deal in the next two years.

The Orlando market is also very competitive now. Some properties are sold in a few days, not days. For this reason, we often look for deals within an hour in Orlando where numbers are more attractive and competition is somewhat less.

What do you personally like about the Orlando area?

What is not love? It is one of the top vacation destinations in the United States – probably in the world. Amusement parks, world-class attractions, and beaches just an hour away, Orlando has it all.

If you own an investment property here in Central Florida, smart investors can come for their investment, buy a plane ticket, and then enjoy what Central Florida has to offer.

What types of assets should investors consider?

Investors interested in Central Florida must consider long-term rent. Rent demand in Orlando is insane at the moment. A realtor I was working with told me that rental lists easily see 15 tenant applications on the first day.

Short-term rents to Disney are also a great investment. Holiday rentals are absolutely killing it right now. This is mainly due to the demand for paint-up from Covid-1, but I believe that consumer travel habits have changed permanently.

What does the job market look like in Orlando?

The region has a very diverse economy. While most people are familiar with tourism issues, I think people will be surprised to learn that Lockheed Martin has a few more facilities in Orlando, along with some other Department of Defense contractors. Orlando also has an emerging technology industry.

Can investors rely on you for referrals after closing?

Yes. I focus on building strong relationships with property managers who have been in the industry for much longer than me. Investors have the best relationship with all the vendors they need. Investors in the areas where I work can connect with some great property managers.

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