Orange Harris makes unexpected trip to California – reporters kept in the dark

The secrecy of the Biden administration continues.

Orange took an unexpected one-day trip to California.

No reason was given for his trip.

Reporters were not allowed to see his departure from Maryland on Friday.

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Fox News reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Southern California on Friday for a quick trip but was silent about the reasons behind the White House.

Harris left Maryland’s Joint Base Andrews on Friday afternoon and flew to the resort town of Palm Springs, 107 miles east of Los Angeles, the Washington Times reported.

The vice president was due to return to Washington on Saturday, the White House said in a statement.

Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, own a home in the Brentwood division of Los Angeles, but the White House says Harris will spend the night in Palm Springs at a designated location.

There is also privacy surrounding Biden’s trip to Delaware.

The White House is refusing to say who Biden is going to see there.

The Daily Mail reports:

Despite his promise to “restore transparency and trust” at the White House, Joe Biden will not reveal who visited him at his Delaware residence on the 17 trips he has made since becoming president.

President Biden’s press secretary Jane Psyche made the announcement at a news conference on Wednesday.

He told reporters: “I can confirm that we are not going to provide information on the whereabouts of the president’s grandchildren or the people he met in Delaware,” Psyche told the New York Post about Biden’s position on the release of the visitor’s log.

The publication also identifies audiences who may have potential conflicts of interest – including Biden’s former drug-addicted son, Hunter, who is now on his way to becoming a successful artist. He plans to sell some of his work to anonymous buyers for 500,000, raising fears that people could buy the work to try and lobby the president. But Saki refused to be drawn.

He did so despite the administration’s recent efforts to “restore transparency and confidence in the government”, a promise that includes disclosing visitor logs to various White House.

Why so secret?

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