Opinion: Virginia could show Republicans the way forward

Gavin News’ victory in California’s withdrawal is a warning to Republicans to get an important platform to succeed in the medium term. Virginia Governorate can provide race templates.

California is plagued by horrific forest fires, power outages, water shortages, rising urban crime, coveted restrictions and increasing illegal immigration. In the early days of the withdrawal campaign, falling from homelessness, a shoplifting epidemic that forced shops to close, and other bad situations gave Republican Larry Elder some hope of ousting the Democratic governor.

Newsom is a progressive governor and caretaker fundraiser, he was able to turn the ballot into a referendum on the Democrats’ approach to dealing with the epidemic – more specifically Donald Trump.

Republicans should not be surprised

Campaigning for News, President Joe Biden said, “By voting no, we will protect California from the Trump Republicans who are trying to stop us from killing this epidemic.”

With so many Republicans moving to Texas, Republicans may choose to take some comfort. However, despite all the pain the Golden State has endured this year, 62% of voters voted to retain Newsom – backing him for governor almost two years ago and voting for Biden last year.

In the wake of the president’s announcement to expand the mandate of the vaccine to private firms, public education and hospital deep, conservative, liberals and Republicans should not be surprised.

Unvaccinated Americans are 4.5 times more likely to be infected with covid and 11 times more likely to die if infected. Although vaccinators have a lower risk of a breakthrough infection, they must come in contact with an infected person to face that risk — usually coming in contact with unvaccinated, unmasked people.

Republican governors in the south do no service for Republican candidates in more moderate states that link the party to the anti-vaccine and anti-mask movement.

Disgusting narrative

Also, all the misery that Californians currently endure has not moved for seniors এমনকি even among swing voters কারণ because Democrats have a narrative যদিও albeit hateful to libertarians and conservatives যা that finds some resonance among swing voters.

In particular, climate change is threatening coastal communities and the global food system. Genderism, structural racism and globalization give rise to jaundiced market results, harmful inequalities and exclusive abuses.

Democrats have called for aggressive social spending and austerity measures to boost growth. And say their new taxes and corporations on families earning more than $ 400,000 can pay for four entitlements শিশু child allowance, universal pre-K and child care, paid family and sick leave, and two years of free college-plus address climate. Changes and a host of other diseases.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of budget fraud, these programs can cost 2 trillion more than advertising. Tariffs will be reduced because, contrary to democratic demands, their programs will slow down.

For example, testing child allowances and higher marginal tax rates for professionals will encourage low-income spouses to leave the job market. A high capital-gain tax will discourage risk-taking in high-tech startups, and the college is already a weak investment for half of those who are admitted.

The cruelty of inflation

Overall, we are facing a federal deficit of up to $ 2 trillion a year and will have little latitude to deal with future epidemics or financial crises. Washington may exceed its limits to sell new debt to the public and may be forced to issue more bonds that the Federal Reserve will buy by printing more money. As a result inflation will bring home the folly of spending more than our resources with cruelty not seen since the days of Jimmy Carter.

Voters may believe the warnings about the inadequacy of all these expenditures and instinctively acknowledge that all these good things combined will discourage work but there is something interesting for everyone in half the households who do not pay income tax.

In Virginia, GOP candidate for governor, Glenn Yankin, is tapping the veins of suspicion by proposing an alternative solution. For example, eliminating the highly retroactive sales tax on groceries and doubling the standard deduction on Virginia income tax – they will put cash in the hands of people working to solve their own problems. Decreasing public-school performance with the state’s very poor job creation record and job training programs. Dedicating part of the state budget surplus to strengthen public safety.

Not only did Yankin fail to highlight the Biden record, but he also provided a positive alternative vision.

For the past dozen years, Democrats have dominated statewide elections but now the contest is a dead heat.

Results from Virginia could provide a path for Republicans nationally.

Peter Morrissey is an economist and emeritus business professor at the University of Maryland and a national columnist.

Virginia governor’s race could give Democrats a ‘flashing red warning sign’ – and change market attitudes

The McAuliffe-Yankin race for governor of Virginia has emerged as a preliminary test of the black vote ahead of the midterm elections.

Peter Morrisy: Republicans should not be indifferent to the midterm

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