Open Letter to Patriotic Fans: Bu Benedict Brady

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To: New England fans

From: Rob Parker

Again: The return of Tom Brady

Wait and boo Tom Brady on Sunday night.

Make it loud and long.

Make sure NFL America, watching them from their couch at home on NBC TV, knows what you mean.

Brady is the enemy. He wears another team jersey. He bounced and left the Patriots Nation high and dry.

That’s right. He is no longer a native boy. He is Benedict Brady. Don’t be stupid or confused. You have nothing for Brady.

You rejoiced when you won those Super Bowls with your teammates. Brady was not deceived by any parade. Enough confetti has been thrown at him to survive forever.

The idea that Pats fans should bathe Brady with love and affection is completely meaningless.

Brady is no longer in you.

When it comes to pushing, it was about Brady, not the team or the community.

Apparently, Benedict, Yar, Brady said hell with Foxboro.

Brady was not content to be part of a great NFL dynasty that created two amazing series – winning the Super Bowl three times in a short time – twice. Three in four years and three more in five years.

For most players, that was enough. No need to wear another team uniform. Brady drafted New England and should have ended his career in New England. Bleach coach Bill Belichick and the ownership you want.

They were not wrong. They were doing the best job for the organization, not for one player.

Brady is selfish.

He was not good at being part of a successful organization. He wanted to be the man at the front, because the Pats won all these championships.

Brady wanted to push a false narrative to make people believe he was the greatest of all time. And that’s because despite all his personal accomplishments, many still don’t want to buy the idea that Brady is the best quarterback of all. Of course, Brady has won more than any other quarterback in NFL history. But it doesn’t automatically make you the greatest. Just ask Bill Russell, who has won 11 championships with your favorite Celtics.

In fact, Russell is rarely mentioned in that convoy. It is usually between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Karim Abdul-Jabbar. And none of those guys could win like Russell.

Don’t be simpleton.

The Pats won those first three Super Bowls because of Belichick’s star defense, and Adam Vinatiari’s greatest big-kick kicker in NFL history.

The last three Super Bowls have been won with great luck. Somehow, the Seahawks didn’t run the ball in the one-yard line, with the best run in the league at the time.

Then, somehow, the Falcons refused to score a game-ceiling field goal on the 22-yard line.

And the final title comes when Belichik’s defense holds the high-scoring held ram য who averages 32.9 points per game in the regular season মাত্র just three points for a sixth win. However, Brady had no TD and had a pick in that Super Bowl.

Pats face fans.

Brady could have easily gone after that finish, going to the top like John Lloyd when he won the back-to-back Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos.

There were no more fish for frying. Lloyd retired a Bronco and has been a favorite ever since.

Brady has snatched the fans by seeing you in the light of your favorite player, which is just you and yours.

Brady turned his face towards New England to go to Tampa Bay everywhere.

He left the Marriott for the purpose of the Red Roof Inn.

He felt no loyalty, no connection to the fan base.

Benedict Arnold, of course, was supposed to be Tom Brady’s Derek Jeter. The idea of ​​seeing Jeter leave the Yankees and play the last few seasons for the Royals would be horrible as seeing Michael Jordan in a Washington Wizard uniform to end his career.

Don’t let Brady’s Super Bowl victory shed light on what he did. Like the makeup that won the NFL, it covers a lot of covers.

Brady was always about himself and his story. He doesn’t want to share the spotlight with anyone, not even the coach who unites the defenders to win the championship.

It sounds like a guy making loud and long noises

Do not disappoint us.


Rob Parker

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