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At the top of my list of things I always wanted but never thought I would get it, there was always a pizza oven. Although I didn’t know much about what I knew about myself, I felt like there was a lot involved. I have seen people build them from scratch in their backyards, using enough space they have (and I wasn’t) to create stone and brick stoves with intricate designs and more complex engineering that will allow them to reach their ovens. Cooking an pizza requires incredibly high temperatures. It never occurred to me that a pizza oven existed that would make that process easier.

Reach a temperature of up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit and cook the pizza for 15 minutes.

Use wood, charcoal or gas to bake pizza for restaurant-quality perfection with this simple backyard oven. Karu 12 Karu is a smaller model than 16.

Then I was introduced to Ooni, a brand that took the internet by a storm because it was doing just that: creating fully functional pizza ovens that would require little assembly and minimal effort to create a pie that would rival them as they churn in Naples. When I was given the opportunity to try the latest model, Karu 16, I jumped at it. I was curious to see if my dream of owning my own pizza maker could actually be straightforward and fun.

Spoiler alert: It can be 100%.


He is Karu16

Like other oven models made by Woolley, the Karu 16 aims to make the process of cooking delicious, restaurant-quality pizza incredibly easy. The model is not very large, although the total cooking space is 16 inches, it is larger than some models that came before and requires a lot of outdoor space when you use it. (I initially thought I could try using Karu 16 on my porch and quickly learned that this was not going to happen.) Another important note: Karu 16 has a chimney that emits heat from the stove, so you shouldn’t really use it indoors. Inside.

Karu 16 is easy to assemble and quite fast. Most of the oven itself is already put together; All you have to do is install the door, add the fuel tray and install the chimney, which gently slides over the top of the oven. The heaviest part, the stone requires a little extra care and should slide into the oven first before assembling the other parts, but the assembly process is just as difficult.

Once you have located your Ooni, the next step in your journey of putting pizza is picking the type of fuel you want to use. Craft 16 works with wood, charcoal or a separate craft 16-specific gas burner to reach a possible temperature of 950 degrees Fahrenheit and cook a large pie in a 15-minute flat. The digital thermometer at the bottom of the oven lets itself know what temperature your oven is at as the temperature rises, while the transparent door lets you see how the pizza is cooking inside.

He is Karu16

Christine Magaldi / CNN Underscored

He is Karu16

If you choose wood or charcoal, there is a drawer at the back of the oven where you can put your materials and a cover that will stay in the fire. To light a fire, it is a good idea to snatch an ony natural fire starter to speed up the process. If you want to go the gas route, there is a place at the back to hook up your external gas burner.

From there, it’s just a waiting game. Not only are you waiting for the oven temperature to rise, you’re also waiting for the interior stone that also cooks the pizza to heat it – if you don’t give the stone time to warm up it will affect the quality of your pizza Fortunately, Karu has 16 optimized airflow engineering and a Designed with a carbon-steel shell, which allows the oven to heat up more quickly (more on the bottom).

Once the oven has reached your desired temperature, you can use a pizza shell to load and cook your pizza in the oven. To make sure it cooks evenly, use the peel to rotate your pizza periodically when you notice that one side is getting more golden brown.

There is no doubt that Karu 16, like other ovens he makes, is an incredible pizza oven that will make the most delicious pizza you ever make at home. That being said, of course there is a learning curve, but it’s actually the fun part.

Beyond choosing which toppings you want to test, there are a few things to learn when you get your own one. The first is how to heat the oven and make sure your pizza is cooked evenly.

During our testing, we only used wood and charcoal to heat our stoves because the Ooni Karu 16 gas burner was still sold. What we found was that the oven took much longer to heat up because of the unpredictability of the materials to heat up. Gas burners will be much easier to maintain heat because it is easier to control. After adding both charcoal and wood to the fuel drawer, we were only able to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but mostly around 400 because we frequently opened the oven door.

He is Karu16

Christine Magaldi / CNN Underscored

He is Karu16

The biggest problem is to heat the stone. While the oven was hot and boiled the top of our pizza, we struggled to get the golden brown at the bottom of the pizza. Basically, we learned that when using methods of heating out of gas, you have to let the stone be longer than you think before you start cooking – probably an hour or more.

The second thing that is important to note before getting yourself a pizza oven: You will need plenty of things. Ooni offers a list of essential add-ons that are 100% required for the process. You will need a shell as mentioned earlier, because you can’t get your pizza in and out of the oven without one. (It also adjusts a bit. Pizza likes to be peeled, so pro tip: add a little cornmeal or semolina flour with you so it can slide more smoothly. Avoid oil, as it can get hot and burn.)

If you want to invest in wood or charcoal, heat insulation, a woolen 16 gas burner, if you want to heat your stove faster and special oven meat that can handle that degree of heat. To make sure you’re not exposing your stove to elements, you’ll probably want to get a cover for it.

  • She has a 16-inch pizza shell ($ 59.99;
  • He’s a premium hardwood pellet, 20 (24.99;
  • Ooni Premium Natural Firestarters (19.99;
  • Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Oven Gas Burner (99.99;
  • She has pizza oven gloves (19.99;
  • Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Oven Cover ($ 49.99;

That being said, your tab can add up quickly, but it’s incredibly valuable if you’re willing to promise a home-made pizza. Ooni Karu 16 works, and it works beautifully. Once you play with the heat and get your shell technique right, you will get many rewards. The pizza comes out as the perfect Neapolitan-style pie উপরে crispy and fried on top, flour and gooey, string cheese that stretches for a day. When you opt for wood, there’s the added benefit of a wood-fire flavor that simply makes your pizza comparable to what you’ve got in a restaurant. And once you get really good at using your Ooni, you can experiment with other foods like baked pasta and even steak.

He is Karu16

Christine Magaldi / CNN Underscored

He is Karu16

Needless to say, having an Ooni gives you an excuse to invite people to help you test. Because pizza cooks so quickly, you can multiply in no time, and everyone can serve their own pie. If you want to take your pizza party to the next level, everyone can make their own pie and bake in the oven.

Having an Oni Karu 16 oven is both an investment of time and money, but it is one of the best projects if you are a huge foodie. Once you master your oven the pizza you make will really be out of this world, and those who are lucky enough to try them will no doubt agree.

The Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven is currently available for pre-order, while the Karu 16 Pizza Oven gas burner is expected to be re-launched in October.

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